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  1. they always used to say at the beginning of the year that they would only seed after the last tournament, and rely strictly on a team's best three tournaments. However, in practice they have always (in my experience) seeded the teams that reach 9-0 before the last tournament in the order that they got to 9-0. Also, I don't think they would pretend a tournament that just happened actually happened in december, that would be silly. Then again, durkin and dacey can be silly. So if scott/newbie (McD BR; sorry I don't know partner's name, he was impressive for a newbie, but the title newbie just strikes me) were first to 9-0 (and i think before this tournament went down as well) then being #1 now makes sense. I also thought Mangels and his tool (I actually don't know what Loyola teams are this year) were 9-0 before this and seeded either 1 or 2. BTW, was Towson cancelled and rescheduled for this? I thought like all BUDL schools decided to migrate to BCFL as well this year, so the whole joint tournament thing was kind of arbitrary.
  2. These are results for yesterday? Do you have records/speaks? congrats to talent; I remember really enjoying one of their rounds when I judged in January.
  3. okay, if you really want a lashing.......;p but really, there's no way you can prove a cause-effect relationship between his tax cuts and the post-9/11 economy being "saved." That's silly, there's far more contributing to the economy than Bush.
  4. GMU definitely could be a contender in policy. Since it does overlap with GMU, it is a good option for larger teams that would prefer to let all their teams debate, as opposed to just one team allowed at MBA. The judging is good and the draw already is pretty strong. Why is the speech tournament a completely different event? Wouldn't having all of it together make the tournament even more attrative to big programs looking for a challenge for their entire squad? On that note, Villiger seems like a really good option as well, considering the fact that its speech tournament is already really good (don't they have speech bids or something...not sure). It has history and an accessible location. It may be that being scheduled at the same time as the Glenbrooks is a problem, but it should definitely be advertised as a much more appealing option to, in this case, non-powerhouse teams. See Ankur's analysis about how smaller, competent teams, given the choice, might want to look for tournaments where they'll not have to worry about some big name school (ie Glenbrooks). Pennsbury is also a good option, though it may need to break to octos instead of quarters or something. But the draw and the running of the tournament are great. But more importantly, I believe that Mr. Kahn is very, very good at drawing attention to his tournament. Perhaps an effort to increase the popularity and tournament awareness in the region should attempt to draw on that? Hope one or hopefully more of these tournaments finds a newfound support from the community. Even if it doesn't result in a bid, it should make the debate in the region better.
  5. Haha in that case, parli here I come!
  6. yes. probably to say you have to support the entire sub-saharan area, rather than just specific areas/methods. that's what they always use this for.
  7. We once had a whole tub called "Statism." Not completely related, but when my partner asked for a dolly for Christmas, his dad gave him a ragdoll. So we would take that doll to tournaments, named her "Dolly," and named our handcarts Elizabeth and Dale. Elizabeth and Dale then dated until Dale was retired and Elizabeth tragically blew out a tire.
  8. starting friday afternoon is a good idea regardless. Obviously, getting done by saturday will make costs easier on teams, and I don't know how many teams you will have your first year; you might not have enough to really justify a tournament running through sunday. I'd try to make TJ go, as long as it didn't conflict with BCFL dates, which I think are on here somewhere. I've always wished there were more spring tournaments leading up to the national tournaments so maybe a date in March/April?
  9. 4. Cath Prep CH d. TJ HW 26. Rufus King d. James Logan LP
  10. To me it is a good time to gauge the opponent. How they react in cross-x is important; it can tell you a lot about their team dynamics, which arguments they prefer, their likely responses to your arguments and their sense of strategy. The round might not be won in cross-x, but it can be lost if you show your hand to the wrong team and they take advantage of it in speeches.
  11. Was the man some sort of construction worker? Was the man afraid of the beetle? Did the man have a weak heart? Was something being built with the bricks? Was he building something with the bricks? Was the book about building/construction? Was the book a bible?
  12. Wait a second.... whore corps is topical EVERY year! http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showpost.php?p=830638&postcount=103 Anyways, this is extra topical unless the harmful agent was only going to go to Sub-Saharan Africa, right? And specifying this harmful agent would be a material qualification.
  13. hckymdgt


    I'm now going to maryland. Debt is a horrible thing.
  14. thanks. I can't go because of money issues, but my friend is going and she was a first year senior this year, and if she wants to continue, I will put her in touch with you. She's not very experienced, but she has the drive and if she can do extra work I'll try to get her to join. I assume that a lack of coaches and things will make it more work if the team is from MIT, but if you're at harvard, evidence wise, am i correct in assuming it will be easier to get by doing less research?
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