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    Star Wars Episode 7

    rob for president
  2. so here's the updated list (including trawling joy): Central Minnesota: 1. Minneapolis South - Boucher and Oulette-Howitz 2. Minneapolis South - Johnson Jensen and Tauring-Traxler 3. St. Paul Central - Avendano and Nesser Southern Minnesota (Not sure of the order): 1. Edina - Sergent-Leventhal and Hage 2. Wayzata - Bahls and Sun 3. Rosemount - Kirkley and Stefanko Kansas Andover Central Johnson/McMillen (SUNNFL) Blue Valley North Evans/Philips (TTNFL) Blue Valley Southwest Arney/Super (TTNFL) Blue Valley Southwest Kota/Marine (TTNFL) Buhler Boor/Steffen (WKNFL) Field Kindley Mueller/White (SKNFL) Field Kindley Wright/Mecom (SKNFL) De Soto Riley/Kaul (EKNFL) Derby Rose/Mascharka (SKNFL) Garden City Villagran/Dawes (WKNFL) Kapaun Mt. Carmel Klausmeyer/McHenry (SUNNFL) Newton Bartel/Runge (WKNFL) Shawnee Heights Eskilson/Hermann (FHNFL) Shawnee Mission West Purohit/Lekie (EKNFL) Shawnee Mission East Throckmorton/Ramaswami (EKNFL) Topeka Ashley/Zimmerman (FHNFL) Washburn Rurual Cummings/Dasaraju (FHNFL) Wichita East Shah/Vannavong (SUNNFL) Wichita East Tran/Tran (SUNNFL) Louisiana Caddo Magnet MM (Calen Martin &Cody Martin) Caddo Magnet MV (Mitchell McCallon & Cristian Vargas) Heart of Texas: Westwood LW Hendrickson BS Northern Nevada Sage Brush District: Reno High School Haas/Johnston Sage Ridge School Cronin/Lowe LBJ: Richardson High School: Abi Chen/Richard Ralston Berkner High School: Dakota Lee/Adam Goin Smithville High School: Luke Steiner/Mason Morris Golden Desert (NV): Green Valley - Harry Garrett & Alex Stransky The Meadows School - Josh Reisman & Nathaniel Saxe Nebraska: Millard West Yan Zhang & Lana Wang Millard West Brian Murray & Wenbo Wang Nebraska South: Omaha Westside Sam Fuller & Jake Wichert Omaha Westside Tarek Ali & Noah Gray South Texas: Clear Lake Syed - Udawala Friendswood Bockmon - Asgari-tari Bellaire Alter-Birenbaum Eastern Ohio NFL: Louisville Jackson Frazier & Angela Smith Perry Tod Mohney & Anna Liebler Wooster Joseph Gorman & Austen Yorko Mississippi District St. Andrew's -- Aritra Biswas/Shalina Chatlani St. Stanislaus -- Chris Perkins/Lex Adams Northern South Dakota Jeff Zhang & Matt Glanzer - Brookings HS Emily Schoenbeck & Kasey Klatt - Watertown HS Rushmore (South Dakota) Jordan Simundson & Katlyn Powers - SF Washington HS Evan Jones & Bryant Yang - SF Lincoln HS Southern California NFL District: 1.) La Costa Canyon - Arrol Fulton and Hannah Oh 2.) La Costa Canyon - Jacob Leonard and Jacob Goldschlag Eastern Missouri Parkway West Gondi/Santangelo Parkway West Hornsby/Thomas Ladue Abraham/Subramanian Ozark Nixa Erwin/Smith Parkview Holden/Johnson Springfield Central Cummings/Sivils Show Me Blue Springs Dollar/Wakeman Blue Springs Pearce/Richardson Pembroke Hill Lesley/Vedantam Heart of America Park Hill South Harris/Norton Liberty Luan/Yi Park Hill Culver/Ferland Eastern Oklahoma: Bishop Kelley DeAngelis/McCarthy Charles Page Turvey/Thompson Western Oklahoma: Moore Her/Newton Heritage Hall Panchal/Hester Moore Dickerson/Navarro East LA Damien Mancuso/Munoz Damien Lassiter/O'Mahony Polytechnic Alison/Asimov
  3. Eastern Oklahoma: Bishop Kelley DeAngelis/McCarthy Charles Page Turvey/Thompson Western Oklahoma: Moore Her/Newton Heritage Hall Panchal/Hester Moore Dickerson/Navarro
  4. and in fairness to 5a, results: 1. Bishop Kelley DM 2. Guymon BR 3. Skiatook RS 4. Bishop Kelley FD 5. Cascia Hall HA 6. Guymon GD 7. Bishop Kelley AM 8. Guymon SH
  5. your grammar is atrocious.
  6. artie

    Norman North?

    as with charles page earlier in the year, michael yost and i will be entering in (and winning) the tournament. we're switching it up this time. we're running a d&g aff with spark on the neg.
  7. on the subject of other options you had going in- disads, kritiks, whatever- use the 1ar coverage to your advantage. so when they say "no link, what the hell are you talking about", you say "exactly. and that's why you're untopical. and that's bad, as i'll explain for the next 4:45". it gives a lot more credence to your argument if you use what you have as offense, and becomes wholly devastating to the 2ar. oh, and it makes you seem like the strategic mastermind. which probably helps on speaker points.
  8. the next step: beasting east AND west side regionals. it's coming, boys and girls.
  9. you're still banana to me
  10. Yeah. Here you go: Space-Based Solar Power Directly leads to Space Militarization artie 11 because really guys. FUCK.
  11. this week, rob- it's you and me. shit is ON.
  12. to be a little more...precise (and less offensive, really), the transliteration from arabic to latin (and vice versa) isn't exact- both languages have different phonemes and stresses for similar ones. which results in multiple spellings/interpretations for the same phonic value. see: usama bin laden, osama bin laden, qaddafi, gaddaffy, khadaffy, etc.
  13. i feel like the real ticking time bomb isn't the inflationary effect the currency would have. it's the alternative card cut from the zizek article that uses this idea as a "mechanism to disrupt the logic of global capital".
  14. really? it's still fairly in vogue in these parts. maybe it's just those years of grad school getting to you.
  15. blah blah blah i think inside the box
  16. artie

    Pump up songs

    nothing you jokers have said even touches this: amateur hour
  17. duh. awesome. even if he doesn't know he's going yet.
  18. "charles page". i fixed the topic name for you. yost and i are going to go and wreck some shit.
  19. i wouldn't be surprised if this leads to more study into the idea of the holographic universe. and more scrutiny of quantum entanglement.
  20. i'd be fine moving to montana if it meant other smart people were there too. but otherwise it's no deal.
  21. ah, gone are the days of fsu56... messaged
  22. if it weren't for tom brady and his wonderboy records, i would have won in my other league. fucking tom brady.
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