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  1. Sorry, again, My 1AC was still in Kelkar and Masterson's tubs from a practice debate, I just found it. I put enough information that it should be possible to find the cards, if you need anymore information, just post what you need, I will try to get to you faster than it took to get this posted. Contention 1 is Inherency PMCs are on the rise now, DOD contracts, future military projections, and favorable political climates ensure the growth of the industry into the coming years. Major Richard D. Wallwork, RA British Army, School of Advanced Military studies United States Army Command and General Staff College 1/2/05 http://72.14.207/search?q=cache:iitHySeXWOJ:stinet.dtic.mil/dticrev/PDFs/ADA436294.pdf+private+military+companies+%22uniform+code+of+military+justice%22+&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=99#25 These contractors are not legally part of the military. Neither military hierarchy, nor UCMJ apply to them. Deborah Avant, Washington Post, What are those contractors doing in Iraq? May 9, 2004 http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A10163-2004May8?language=printer Contention 2: regulation Advantage 1: Military effectiveness Reduction in force sizes and expanding operating zones make PMC use necessary to maintain US power projection Wallwork again Continued PMC use critical to maintain current forward deployment. They enhance operational effectiveness and allow the military to focus on core concerns. Wallwork again Lack of command structure application to PMCs makes future operational effectiveness impossible; it diverts attention and destroys command flexability key to war fighting. Fred Schreier, and Marina Caparini, 2005 http://www.dcaf.ch/_docs/op06_privatising-security.pdf Regulating PMCs to fit within the operational framework of the military is key to future operational effectiveness Wallwork again Ferguson impact Advantage 2 is military adventurism PMCs lack of armed forces status allows the executive to avoid congressional oversight that leads to violent adventurism, overextending the military. Jon D. Michaels 2004, lexus “Beyond accountability: the constitutional, democratic, and strategic problems with privatizing war” Washington University Law Quarterly Public indifference to PMCs causes a lack of accountability in their deployment, only making them part of the military can restore their accountability. Michaels again Only congressional and public restraint can stop Bush from attacking Syria Brendan Smith and Jeremy Brecher, 2005 http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?ItemID=8967 Any attack would draw Russia into the fight Kah 2003 The impact is extinction Nick Bostrom 2002 http://www.transhumanist.com/volume9/risks.html Advantage 3: Columbia PMCs civilian status allows Bush to send unlimited amounts to Columbia, bypassing Congressional restraints on troop deployment Jason Vest 2001 http://www.thenation.com/doc/20010723/vest20010717 PMCs are responsible for coca crop dusting in Columbia JD McCallon 2005 lexus “War for sale! Battlefield contractors in Latin America & the Corporation of America’s War on Drugs” University of Miami Inter-American Law review Continued Crop fumigation leads to extinction Pravda 2005 http://english.pravda.ru/world/20/91/368/16215_coca.html Text: The USFG should require that all private military contractors under contract with the USFG be members of the US armed forces for the duration of their contracts. Contention 3: Solvency Lesser reforms aren’t enough, incorporation into the armed forces is the only way to ensure solvency. Michaels again Civilian measures can’t solve-PMCs need to be folded into all military regulations to ensure effective regulation. Michaels again
  2. Sorry that this has taken so long. The PMC aff should follow tomorrow. The Bush administration, invoking 9/11, has prioritized US foreign policy on fighting wars for victory and establishing “negative peace” over achieving lasting “positive peace.” Harvey Sicherman, president of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Spring 2002, The intercollegiate Review, EBSCO These failings endemic to “negative peace” are exacerbated by Bush’s military bent, allowing for an endless War on Terrorism Ken Cunningham, Penn State Harrisburg, New Political Science, 12/2004, EBSCO A limitless war fought for victory entails the potential limitless destruction, nuclear use, and the annihilation of all life Istvan Meszaros, Prof. Emiritus of Philosophy, University of Sussex1/2003, “Militarism and the coming wars,” Monthly Review, Vol. 55, No. 2, online: http://www.monthlyreview.org/0603meszaros.htm The creation of identity through security constructions justifies the annihilation of entire populations. David Campbell 1998, Teacher of international relations theory and foreign policy @ New Castle University, “Writing Security” p. 201 Conventional understandings of war create negative peace as the absence of war, which ignores the violence of hunger and preventable disease Lloyd J. Dumas, Prof. Economy at the University of Texas, 2004, ECAAR Review Structural violence continues while policy makers view peace as merely the absence of war. The continuation of structural violence is the root cause of continual crisis that threaten survival. Only a transition to positive peace facilitated by the Peace Corps can solve. Leo R. Sandy, Cofounder of Peace studies at Plymouth State College and at River College, Ray Perkins, Prof. Philosophy at Plymouth State College, 2002, http://www.trinstitute.org/ojpcr/4_2natp.pdf Expanding the Peace Corps is central to refocus the US on building positive peace instead of securing the US against threats Kevin Quigley, National Peace Corps Assoc. President and former Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand, Fall 2004, World View Magazine, online: http://www.worldviewmagazine.com/issues/article.cfm?id=145&issue=36 A focus on the pervasive, everyday violence ignored by the traditional security approaches is necessary to challenge the operation of the military and war Chris J. Cuomo, Prof. Philosophy at U. Cincinnati, Fall 1996, Hypathia, GenderWatch. Doc ID: 10579489 The Person to person contact and cooperation facilitated by the Peace Corps is critical to the establishment of a positive peace Leo R. Sandy, Cofounder of Peace studies at Plymouth State College and at River College, Ray Perkins, Prof. Philosophy at Plymouth State College, 2002, http://www.trinstitute.org/ojpcr/4_2natp.pdf We must resist the drunkard’s lurch to neo-conservativism and realism; only through a cultural shift in understanding can we shift from militarism and security driven politics. Graeme Cheeseman, Visiting fellow @ school of politics @ University of New South Wales (AU.) 2005 Critical Security Studies and World Politics, ed. Ken Booth p. 80-81 Plan: The United States federal government should provide all necessary funding to increase the number of persons serving in the Peace Corps to 50,000 volunteers Expanding the Peace Corps to 50,000 is a dramatic symbol of the US commitment to peace that can destroy militarism. Shriver 01, (Robert, founding director of the Peace Corps, speech to Yale University’s Daily News Annual Banquet, 11/10, http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/2629/6147.html?1006982064) Expanding the Peace Corps broadens social ties and builds compassion for the other through face to face contacts Eisner 2005, (Jane, columnist, “Time is ripe for social capital,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/6, http://www.rpcv.org/advocacy/Inquirer6Jan2005.pdf) Expanding Interpersonal ties across borders can foster global cooperation Reiffel and Zalud, visiting fellow in the global economy and development center at the Brookings Institute, June 2006 (International Volunteering: Smart Power, http://www.brookings.edu/comm/policybriefs/pb155.htm) Our discourse shapes our policy actions. The use of mediating spaces can reenter policy through the adaptation of discourse. To truly understand politics, one must understand the discourse behind it. We must be able to criticize the security discourse that creates identity and justifies war if we are to end it. Shapiro 1992, (Michael J., genius @ University of Hawaii, Reading the postmodern policy, p. 88-89)
  3. Congratulations, I hope you win the NDT without Blake's car trouble.
  4. That was the debate in which the judge criticized my 1AR because I went for too many dropped arguments.
  5. Just dropped on a 2-1 (Ken Strange sat) in octos.
  6. 6-2, broke to doubles. They are tomorrow. Don't know who we are hitting.
  7. Does anyone find it weird that teams have to bring a judge AND pay a judge fee?
  8. Hello Newman


    I thought Norman North only did LD.
  9. I wouldn't. If the plan spends money and the CP doesn't to avoid the DA, then you probably can't solve for case, or if money isn't important than I think they could just perm it.
  10. I have cards that say giving rights to people extends state control over them, will those work?
  11. Why would you use space to get to heg? You seem like your asking for a space turn, when there are much better links to heg.
  12. You missed my vote and David's.See, I can be polite. -Ray
  13. Boy: Drew Mcneil Girl: the girl that partnered with Eicher as BK. Counts as 2 for both. -Ray And David
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