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  1. From Moundridge: 4A: 2nd Rose Hill 7-5, 24 ballots 1st Valley Center 12-0, 35 ballots 3-2-1A (4 qualify) 4th Marysville 6-8, 19 ballots 3rd Rock Creek 10-4, 31 ballots 2nd Salina Sacred Heart 11-3, 29 ballots 1st Moundridge 13-1, 36 ballots
  2. Andrew, Andrew: First, it's "hear", not "here." Second, while we truly miss carrying around a recipe box of cards, the carpal tunnel syndrome that resulted from years of literally cutting cards (but NOT from USN--give us a break!) forced a change in strategy. Affs from Moundridge generally preferred cards to sheets of paper; it's easier to quickly sort/select cards than paper. Third, Mr. Stucky reports that he is extremely proud to be a Luddite and doesn't intend to change his coaching strategies any time soon. He does, however, bemoan the loss of the paper daily Christian Science Monitor, one of his favorite places to figure out extemp questions. Mrs. Stucky
  3. 1. Moundridge 2. Minneapolis 3. Salina - Sacred Heart
  4. More names/corrections OO Sydney Parriott/Salina Central Vance Stegman/Lyons Allexis Lightsey/Hutchinson DI ???? Marike Stucky/Moundridge Megan Walker/Sterling HI Brandon Daley/Salina Central Brendan Burge/McPherson Duo Emily Walker/Sam Leake Sterling Allison Yaple/Courtney Terjal Salina Central And yes, I'm Mrs. Stucky. Mr. Stucky prefers to avoid computers if at all possible.
  5. I can add a few, but I generally don't have names, just schools. Hope I remember this all right. . . . OO 1. Salina Central 2. Lyons 3. Hutch (all qualify) DI 1. Allison Yaple/Salina Central (going in duo) 2. Garden City? 3. Marike Stucky/Moundridge 4. Megan Walker/Sterling (2-4 going to nationals in DI) HI 1. Brandon Daley/Salina Central 2. Sterling Duo 1. Sterling 2. Salina Central I don't believe Zach Collins is in forensics this semester. . . .I could be wrong. Corrections/more details are welcome. Gail Stucky Moundridge
  6. old Fogie

    State Debate

    1st: Moundridge (13-1) 2nd: Rock Creek (9-5) 3rd: Salina Sacred Heart (7-7) This was Moundridge's 25th state championship at 4-speaker state.
  7. From Moundridge: 5A 4th: Newton 7-5 20 ballots 3rd: McPherson 7-5/ 21 ballots 2nd: Hutchinson 9-3 25 ballots 1st: Salina South 9-3 26 ballots 321A 4th: Lyons 6-6 3rd: Chaparral 9-3 2nd: Salina Sacred Heart 10-2 1st: Moundridge 11-1
  8. Sarah Pohl (Moundridge OO) advances to Round 10. Breanna Roach (Sterling, OO) broke to top 60 but did not advance Both Salina Central HIs broke to top 60 but I don't know if they went further than that.
  9. Congrats to Sterling on yet another great job and Minneapolis for helping to complete the central Kansas sweep of 2A. The results I know are filled in in JDs original post (they are in boldface). Gail Stucky
  10. 3-2-1A 1. Wichita Independent 2. Moundridge 3. Wichita Trinity 5A (I don't know the order) Emporia, Kapaun, Bishop Miege Thanks to Scott Bonnet for managing a fine tournament and recommending an excellent Somalian restaurant in Emporia. It turns out that goat is quite excellent.
  11. old Fogie

    Haven Invite

    JV 1st Moundridge Sundquist/Harpool 2nd Chaparral 3rd Moundridge Stevens/Erb 4th Newton 5th Remington 6th Buhler 7th Sterling 8th Newton Open 1st Moundridge Stucky/Stucky 2nd Chaparral 3rd Buhler 4th Great Bend 5th Moundridge Pohl/Chastain 6th Lyons 7th Buhler 8th Sterling Sweeps: 1st Moundridge 2nd Chaparral 3rd Buhler Gail Stucky
  12. old Fogie

    Great Bend

    and novice. . . 1. Moundridge - Stevens and Ewy
  13. Matt Stucky (who was the guy in IX finals for West Kansas last year at NFL nats), formerly Moundridge, now at Bethel College (KS) has qualified in extemp for AFA-NIET. In 3 tournaments, he placed 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd for a total of 7 (it takes 8 or less to qualify for AFA). At the Bethel parli tournament, Stucky/Miller and Schulz/Buchta (all Bethel) broke to quarters. Stucky/Miller dropped to a nationally-ranked team from Rice. Riggs/Hogan (Sterling) won the top novice team award. Stucky and Schulz won speaking awards, but I don't remember what.
  14. Yes, he's coming to BC and will do forensics and parli, but no, I seriously doubt that he'll hang out with me. He may just drop his dirty laundry by now and again. GS
  15. what to do but stare at your computer, wait for basketball, and fill out the research survey at: http://www.bethelks.edu/personalweb/gstucky/debate.htm We're at 84 responses. The "score" is" 6A 26 responses 5A 27 4A 14 321A 17 63% of the responses are planning to go to college in Kansas; 35.8% are heading out of state; 1.2% have no college plans. This will be the last bump. . . . Gail Stucky
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