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  1. i guess i wasnt clear. They all should have voiced their concerns when Sandusky went into early retirement, and yea it would have been good for the university and they could have had the moral high ground. But they just wanted it to go away and pretend it didnt happen. On October 27 Penn State was informed of the Grand Jury report on Sandusky. On October 29 Sandusky watched a Penn State football game from the Nittany Lion club. It is just insane to me, and I think you lose the ability to call Happy Valley pure
  2. I am with you in a lot of ways. I just think in the age of Tiger Woods and Joe Paterno it is silly to think we know anything about these people. I am not really familiar with all of the by-laws and all that so I won't pretend to really engage you there. But I believe that this was swept under the rug because these people felt like if it got out then the football program would be damaged. They were right. Penn State made a lot of money and perpetuated a terrible crime by letting Sandusky hang around, use their facilities for his camps, etc. and penn state isnt the only college that does good things for people, or embraces academics. Im glad paterno cared so much for the kids on his football teams. i didnt know you were still around, either. hope all is well
  3. and there are minimum coverage requirements to make sure people arent getting total slum plans. perfect, no. good, yes.
  4. the bill probably cant do enough to bring down the costs of healthcare. and thats a bummer. but it does a lot to increase ACCESS to healthcare. and the reasons why health costs are rising, as you point out pretty well, are systemic, and not really related to obamacare at all. So, this bill is good, but not perfect. Anyways, I would have liked to have seen the Court not decide to limit the applicability of the Commerce Clause, and am a bit worried about how radical the Court seems to be moving to the right. Health insurance is commerce, and the government can regulate commerce. Would have been a no-brainer for me.
  5. His beloved Pennsylvania State didn't even get this much
  6. Remembered this conversation from a few years ago. had to come back. Ankur was a fun poster but mannn o man was he convinced of the purity of Penn State football.
  7. how amazed would Glen Rice have been when Palin became the VP nominee? or if he was really politically conscious, when she became governor of Alaska?
  8. http://deadspin.com/5840042/new-biography-claims-sarah-palin-had-a-one+night-stand-with-glen-rice-in-1987 The National Enquirer grabbed some details from the upcoming Joe McGinniss Sarah Palin book, and this chunk is too delightful not to share with you immediately. Apparently Palin had a fling with former Heat/Hornet/Laker Glen Rice while he was in college and while she was a sports reporter in Alaska, all the way back in 1987. Rice confirms it in the book. Here's the Enquirer: In the book, which will be published on September 20th, McGinniss claims Sarah had a steamy interracial hookup with basketball stud Glen Rice less than a year before she eloped with her husband Todd. Sarah hooked up with the NBA great, then a 6-foot-8 junior at the University of Michigan when he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska in 1987, the book says. At the time, Sarah, just out of college, was working as a sports reporter for the Anchorage TV station KTUU. A publishing source told The ENQUIRER that McGinniss claims Sarah had a "fetish" for black men at the time and he quotes a friend as saying Sarah had "hauled (Rice's) ass down." [...] In the book, McGinniss quotes Rice as confirming the one-night stand. We won't subject her journalistic ethics to any kind of scrutiny at this point, because, well, wow. And, oh, don't worry, we are all just as terribly confused as you are.
  9. davidzavac@gmail.com im up for anytime really as long as i can plan around. any weekday is best probably
  10. there seems to be this hatred of st. louis that exists from kansas city fans. i find this humorous. Like this attempt at at being clever from the Kansas City Star: Bring on the Cardinals BY SAM MELLINGER | THE KANSAS CITY STAR Get ready, Kansas City: Here come the Cardinals. And more annoyingly, the self-appointed Best Fans In Baseball. Today through Sunday, the red-clad Cards faithful will grace us with their presence and pretend that Kauffman Stadium isn’t better than that rush-job “new†Busch Stadium. This series is always a bit more anticipated on this side of Missouri than the one that takes place under that useless Arch, but in the interest of brotherhood and Midwestern kindness, let’s set aside our differences and see how Kansas City stacks up against St. Louis. For instance, neither of us had an NHL playoff team this year, and neither will have Albert Pujols next year. Here are more points of comparison: Food options •Kansas City: Much more than just barbecue. •St. Louis: Basically, just Italian food. Businesses •Kansas City: Employees at Boulevard Brewery invite you to responsibly enjoy a delicious beer. •St. Louis: Employees at Enterprise Rent-A-Car harass you about buying redundant insurance. Crime •Kansas City: Was a well-known mafia hub and hometown of Jesse James a long time ago. •St. Louis: Passed Camden, N.J., as the most dangerous city in America last year. Fans •Kansas City: Complained as Billy Butler led the league by grounding into 32 double plays last year. •St. Louis: Pretending that Albert Pujols isn’t on pace to hit into almost 50 double plays this year. Entertainers •Kansas City: Jason Sudeikis is among a group of natives who are emerging as stars in television and the movies. •St. Louis: Cedric the Entertainer is among a group of natives who were sort of popular, like, 10 years ago. NFL team •Kansas City: Still one of the best game-day experiences in the country. •St. Louis: Still lots of good seats available. Baseball manager •Kansas City: Ned Yost wants you to know the future is coming fast. •St. Louis: Tony La Russa wants you to know he’s really smart. Biggest home-game cheers •Kansas City: Home run by Eric Hosmer. •St. Louis: Sacrifice bunt by Skip Schumaker. World Series titles after 1982 •Kansas City: One. •St. Louis: One. Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/05/19/2888582/how-kansas-city-and-st-louis-compare.html#ixzz1MvC0awjL
  11. the cavs are back!! not really but if we could somehow get Irving and Kanter I would be very happy. An interior of Varejao/Jamison/Kanter/Hickson is an intriguing balance of offense/defense. Irving and Baron Davis are both reasonably big PGs who can score and could play together for sure. We also still have our full trade exception from the LeBron trade that perhaps we could leverage into a SG or SF that doesnt suck. i wont be mad if we take an athletic 3 with the 4th pick either
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