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  1. Wow, Kaiya, I totally agree. Between the teams that are debating, though, there should be some good rounds! Cara B.
  2. I think that the 16th is the last day that I have finals. If that's the case, I'll try my hardest to be there on the 17th and will judge whatever you have for me. Cara B.
  3. It's college life, David. I'm debating parli now... quite a shift, but I think I'll get over it... I hope. Glad to see that you're doing something aside from that training... Yes, I've heard all about you, smart aleck... Jeez... Cara B.
  4. I would contribute, David, but I don't debate like that anymore... Cara B.
  5. sand_monkey

    Iowa 2005

    I agree w/ Kaiya.... but if it's all for fun, straight-up go for it!! CB
  6. If I get part of this wrong, I'm really sorry, but I think I have most of it down... Caleb + Tanya (sp?)- 3-0 Crow + Stith- 3-0 KC + Danielle- 2-1 Taylor + Turman- 2-1 Chey East Novice (Lewis, maybe?)- 2-1 It should be interesting, that's for sure.. More later Cara B. P.S. There is a lot of down time, even for competitors. There were a lot of people hovering around the TV waiting for the Holy See to die... kind of morbid....
  7. Do rounds with novices count? Cara B.
  8. My bad.. she had said something about doing poetry and I assumed it was then.. I haven't gotten any sleep for the past three days as a direct result of massive drama in the small town... Cara B.
  9. Becca and I will be there along with a girl in poetry/drama (maybe). It'll be fun, no doubt! Cara B.
  10. Becca and I are still going as a team.. although we did threaten to go either LD or PF if she let one of the whore kids go... Cara B.
  11. Those lay judges were definately cute...we split on a 2-1 ballot, though. Like Becca said, bring state on... Cara B.
  12. I live in Wyo and all we have are lay judges. We really have to break everything down. If you have a noncomp CP, basically say that they=us. It's bad/abusive because there's nothing to do in the round if they start doing the same thing you are. Additionally, you have to talk about how your case is always better, even if they are the same! Hope that helps- Cara B.
  13. That's ghetto.. Oh well, it should still be fun. Anyone hear any news about how LFL is doing in state? The site to our school is down.. kinda sucks.. Later Cara B.
  14. Sounds like a fun time! Okay.. well, our boys lost, so the town is in shambles... Cara B.
  15. KC? Are you and Danielle going or not? Dude, funny sidenote, our girl's basketball bus broke down ten miles out of town. And it was a brand new bus.. HA! Later- Cara B.
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