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  1. He actually posted 7 posts in a row, I just don't know anything above quintuple. MICK JAGGER: Don't post 7 times in a row. Put it all in one message, dumb ass.
  2. where did this forum come from? I wasn't contacted about adding this.
  3. We need to take this bitch back.
  4. Ugh go to hell with your dissenting opinion Jared.
  5. I will second flippy2010's sentiment. Thank Gosh.
  6. Snarflax

    Racism is bad

    The goal of this thread is not to be funny.
  7. Snarflax

    Racism is bad

    No. I'm from Mtn. Home. That's an Air Force base, the one place you find black people. And there are plenty of black stan's, you bigot.
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