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  1. criminals get their due: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-11-22/merck-to-plead-guilty-pay-950-million-in-u-s-vioxx-probe.html
  2. also it's funny that ankur supports eating a bowl full of vioxx for breakfast but thinks relaxing with a blunt afterwards is OMGZ BAD BAD NEWS!
  3. This doesn't make very much sense, let's break this down: scenario one - prohibition: illegality ensures the only people in society with the resources and wherewithal to create and market cannabis-based medicines are large pharmaceutical corporations, government protects this storied industry's monopoly by throwing people that want to create or use their own cannabis medicines in jail. scenario two - legalization: anyone that wants to create or use cannabis-based medicines is free to do so, one does not require the resources of an MNC on their side to engage in the practice of doing so, many more people are able to medicate without having to rely on pharma corporations. which scenario does the industry prefer? hmmmmm ... tough one!
  4. Pharma firms already do requisite studies on raw marijuana outside the US then bring acceptable research here to develop and sell. Where do you think we got dronabinol from? Federal reclassification of pot may help firms develop cannabis-extract therapies quicker and easier but it also encourages potential drug consumers to help themselves which is something the industry definitely fears.
  5. before anyone else bothers responding to ankur, you should consider that he works for a big pharma firm with a strong economic interest in seeing the medical market for raw marijuana go up in smoke.
  6. It's a pretty basic feature and it doesn't make much sense to have a forum about debate if it's impossible to actually view debates on it.
  7. Just because HIV is more prevalent in the homosexual community does not mean that reducing the rates of male to female transition would be meaningless ... There would only be no medical reason to circumcise if heterosexual transmission wasn't a vector at all, instead it's just a less prevalent vector. The question is really whether the mitigated medical benefits (compared to the dramatic benefits seen in Africa) outweigh your objections. So here's a question, putting the US aside, do you support an endorsement of universal circumcision in Africa? Yeah, obviously aesthetics have an influence ... but when do they not? And in this instance, aesthetics are important for good reason, put simply: 8===D is normal looking 8===o is just weird looking. This is no different than babies that are unfortunate enough to be born with unsightly tails, you snip that shit off before they even remember having it. Cut and dry. I think the "ouch AIDS hurts" DA outweighs that extra tingle in your dick. There's also a ton of CPs that solve the pleasure deficit: sex toys, pleasure enhanced condoms, tantric sex, ass fucking, are only the tip of the iceberg. For the record, I'm for clinically safe circumcision delivered by a medical professional ... not Mohel witchdoctors that were given a calling to run around collecting tips. I know it can be uncomfortable for folks that consider themselves progressive to accept ancient advice from genesis and leviticus but a broken clock is still right twice a day. If you're not willing to get with the science then you're no better than the creationists, really.
  8. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/02/business/02drug.html just pushing the limits LOL!
  9. ankur, I believe last time we discussed this I stopped responding to your posts after you destroyed your own credibility by not being able to comprehend a pretty simple table and by misquoting my posts to make it seem as though I was saying things I wasn't. Arguing with you, dinning room table, no interest.
  10. Maybe I misphrased what I meant above. What I mean is that I don't see how having a limited number of partners precludes someone's sexuality. There's still masturbation and countless acts of sexuality that could be performed with the limited number of HIV-risk accepting or HIV+ partners out there. Why is the quantitative limit significant? Not telling someone you have HIV does not make it disappear for that 25 minutes of fucking. If a potential partner is unwilling to have sex AFTER disclosure then I don't see how you could consider him or her a willing partner BEFORE disclosure. The facts haven't changed, just their transparency.
  11. How exactly does IB stay away from the Holocaust? The primary antagonist is known as the 'jew hunter,' the first scene is about murdering a family of jews, and the basterds are jewish americans looking for payback. The holocaust is the entire catalyst for both of the film's plots. And let's not forget that the finale is about cooking nazis ... it would be hard to call any of this subtext though, it's all very much implicit in the picture.
  12. stfu, your precious industry is full of douchebags and is only one rung above the health insurance providers in terms of ethical behavior.
  13. mikey13

    Jackie Brown

    I've never heard a thoughtful objection to jackie brown, just about the only thing that people who dislike it say about it is "it's boring." I tend to think boredom says a lot more about the viewer than the motion picture.
  14. mikey13

    Case help

    nathan, how does broadband answer states cp?
  15. mikey13

    District 9

    I thought the movie was interesting and had great action set pieces. The CGI was great, the emotion in the prawn's eyes was really alive and compelling. The mech suit weapon was awesome. The movie was an achievement at 30 mil but other than that it was pretty inadequate: no story, no characters, many of the plot points make too little sense, too much reliance on shaky cam, the documentary portions looked super-artificial and were lazy exposition. I can elaborate more if people want to discuss their thoughts on District 9.
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