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  1. I've always wished for Africa, I think that would be such a sweet topic but alas it didn't happen for me so I hope that some day other debaters will be able expierince it.
  2. fleshdunce


    and yet it still just doesn't matter at all...
  3. fleshdunce


    Shut the fuck up, this is so stupid
  4. fleshdunce


    Word mike jones Flametron is a dick
  5. fleshdunce


    Why the fuck does it matter Shut up nick
  6. hahahahahahahahahahahah in your fat fucking face
  7. BC is so going all the way, they play the kind of basket ball that wins chapionships (I might only be saying this b/c I wanna win some serious cash money) but they're patient, they don't waste passes and they get lay ups nearly every possesion it's really some good coaching going on for their club.
  8. I make my call when the brackets are realesed, gotta find out who's going to be playing eachother first
  9. Phoenix was not a good johnny cash at all, cash was much more likable and I pictured him as a much diffrent person then Pheonix portrayed...
  10. except that it's epic and does not blow
  11. They were so boooring the gonzaga usd game was so much better
  12. we've got 1 coach who has no background in debate... And then a bunch of ex debaters from our school and most of them don't even do much but whatever I'll still pwn bitches
  13. hahahahaahahahaha, you're right ppl never say camps are elitist. (that was heavy with sarcasm if you didn't catch it)
  14. I think Africa would rock... too bad I'm graduating
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