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  1. I love that the negative to this case would be emails from eDebate.
  2. Congratulations to all participants and good luck to graduating seniors
  3. Final Round Result: New Trier (Ross Gordon and Ira Slumski-Pritz) defeat Whitney Young (Kevin Hirn and Misael Gonzalez) on a 4-1 Decision Chris Stone, Wayne Tang, Bill Batterman, *Claire McKinney, Brian Peterson Congratulations to New Trier Township for claiming the State Championship as well as Whitney Young Magnet for being the first Chicago Urban Debate League team to make the final round of the State championship.
  4. Varsity Speakers: 10 - Alex Pappas, Glenbrook North 9 - Richard Day, Glenbrook South 8 - Dylan Carpenter, New Trier 7 - John Zhao, Glenbrook South 6 - Alexis Shklar, Glenbrook North 5 - Will Thibeau, Glenbrook South 4 - Flynn Makuch, Glenbrook North 3 - Colin Quinn, Glenbrook South 2 - Ross Gordon, New Trier 1 - Victor Shao, Glenbrook North Quarterfinals GBS DT advanced over GBS KS (Stacy Kapustina and Phil Sailer) Whitney Young advanced over GBS QZ (Colin Quinn and Alec Zimmer) GBN MS advanced NT CH (Dylan Carpenter and Irvin Ho) NT GS avanced over GBN PS (Alex Pappas and Alexis Shklar) Semifinals NT GS advanced over GBS DT (Richard Day and Will Thibeau) WY HG advanced over GBN MS (Flynn Makuch and Victor Shao) Finals Whitney Young (Kevin Hirn and Misael Gonzalez) vs. New Trier (Ross Gordon and Ira Slumski-Pritz) Call out corrections. Finals' panel TBA.
  5. I might be off on Heidegger on citing it, perhaps I confuse him with someone else, possibly Nietzsche. At any rate, merci tout le monde.
  6. Also, Heidegger cites this somewhere. Where?
  7. "It is better to have not been born than to have been born at all" is the answer of a wise man to the King of Crete (or is some other Greek city-state?). Who is the wise man?
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of a borders file or would have on handy?
  9. Would anyone happen to have the Coviello biopower link evidence?
  10. I clicked on Scu's blog and discovered we read a lot of the same blogs
  11. Big Thanks. Sorry Requin, but this is like picking Photoshop over GIMP. Sudo aptitude install timer-applet
  12. strangely enough, I recall seeing a decent timer program in the wild for linux
  13. This (http://pbest.multics.org/timer/) went bye bye. Can anyone upload a link to the timer program from mediafire or some such?
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