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  1. Josh Selby cleared to play. His first game will be against USC. Nine game suspension, nearly six K to the charity of his choice. Here comes the seventh consecutive Big 12 Championship for Kansas.
  2. 2009-10 Kansas Men's Basketball. 1995 KC Chiefs 01 Mariners 01-03 Oakland A's 1980 Kansas City Royals The beginning of time-Present St. Louis (gross) Blues And a shame they never got invited to the tournament: the 2006 Missouri State Bears.
  3. For some reason I fail to believe Self would put up with that shit if it got out of hand. Kansas w/ Selby = Final Four contender. Kansas w/o Selby = Still a fucking top 25 team.
  4. Probably the dumbest thing that's been said.
  5. Bruce Willis

    MLB Playoffs

    Anyone else really excited for Lincecum/Hallady game one? OMG...I'd rather watch the NLCS than the ALCS...what's wrong with me?
  6. Bruce Willis

    espn insider

    This may start a flood of requests for previews, but I'm really excited for the season to begin: http://insider.espn.go.com/ncb/insider/news/story?id=5680769&action=upsell&appRedirect=http://insider.espn.go.com/ncb/insider/news/story%3fid%3d5680769
  7. Bruce Willis

    MLB Playoffs

    While I usually default to rooting for a California team to win the NL I'll admit the Rick Ankiel homerun will probably forever be etched into my mind. Perhaps even better was the reaction in the dugout, including the coach who didn't even look up; he just knew from the sound it was gone. I'm glad at least one LDS is enjoyable.
  8. I'm in: Montavious Stanley.
  9. Important news first: D. Duffy went 5 IP, 10 h, 4 ER, 1 BB, 6Ks in his Double A debut. Better news: BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!
  10. As if. Besides on this day it will be called Awesome Overload.
  11. To help you understand how excited I am: I have a float trip tomorrow. I love float trips. My birthday is next Saturday, I FUCKING LOVE my birthday. My Labor Day trip to Chicago is in a month....but none of that matters because Sept. 13 is going to be so awesome.
  12. All the girls I meet are Cardinals fans.....
  13. Right, that's all that it means. 1) It means the football enjoying public is spared from watching the Oakland Raiders on national TV again. Seriously, they have hosted a Monday Night game that first week three out of the past four years. Luckily they kept the games competitive while losing all three by a combined score of 92-34. So you're fucking welcomed for giving you a break this season, but don't worry, they'll probably host that first week MNF game next year. 2) It means New Arrowhead gets its due attention. 3) You get to watch a game from the greatest football stadium in the NFL. 4) It's quite possibly the biggest sporting day in Kansas City history. The 1988 NCAA Championship, Game 7 of the 1985 World Series and the 2007 Mizzou-Kansas football game are probably the only competition from the past 25 years. 5) It's probably going to be one of the greatest days to come in the city. The 2012 All-Star Weekend and the 2018/2022 World Cup matches will probably top it, but those are some pretty fucking special events. 6) The Truman Sports Complex. 7) Because of #6, it means Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums are located a solid Zack Greinke curveball away from each other. 8) It's possible for that day to be Greinke Day. 9) The TSC can hold a metric shit ton of people in the parking lots, and that's important for: 10) Tailgating. 11) Kansas City is streets ahead of every other city when it comes to tailgating. If you don't believe that then you're obviously streets behind. 12) Since the Royals play at 2, the gates to the Sports Complex will probably open sometime between 9 and 11 a.m. 13) Why is that important? 14) Because the Cheifs game doesn't even start until 9 p.m. 15) Imagine you show up late to the Sports Complex (we'll say 11), and you begin tailgating then. Then you go see Greinke and the A's at two, then around 4:30 Kauffman Stadium shuts off alcohol sales, so you either stick around to the end around 5, or you go back to the parking lot to drink more beer and begin tailgating for the Chiefs game....which again 16) Doesn't start until fucking 9 p.m. 17) I already know people who have bought their travel and are flying in from Dallas and DC just for this one fucking huge event. 18) God obviously loves me. Allowing me to see the Chiefs on MNF and the Royals on the same day is pretty badass by itself. But who are the Royals playing? The mother fucking A's! 19) I got distracted at this point...but this day is going to be fucking amazing.
  14. 52K people paid for a tour of New Arrowhead and got treated to a free soccer game. In other news: I have tickets and my trip set up for Sept. 13. A's v Royals at Kauffman, 2 p.m. Chargers v CHIEFS at Arrowhead, 9 p.m. MNF. It's going to be awesome. 60 beers in a cooler will not be enough.
  15. Because they've won the most SBs (seriously, see how many times the other top teams in other leagues show up on these lists...except for the Canadians, because no on gives a shit about the NHL)...and ESPN loves to suck their dick...and Big Ben is a child predator. I'm sure there are more, but those are probably the biggest.
  16. No. One of the great things about the movie are the visuals. Don't cheat yourself by watching it online. Just suck it up and pay the man.
  17. It's fucking fantastic. Go see it.
  18. Congrats you guys won because Girardi is a horrible manager. Like Meatloaf said, 1/13 isn't bad.
  19. The National League sucks.
  20. Reports are James are rented out six villas at the W Hotel in South Beach for a party this weekend. I got my invite on facebook, what about you guys?
  21. Well if you fouled him and he made it, they would count the bucket and a free throw would come up. If you were to do something severe they would call a T, and the team would get two shots and the ball. If the ball was very clearly going into the basket (or really even if it wasn't) and you blocked it, they would call goal-tending...which doesn't help you at all. Seriously, you're grasping here to defend this situation. Obviously this is a loophole which allows a team to cheat and not actually be harmed in the game. The first situation you described (fouling to stop the clock) would be like taking a professional in soccer.
  22. Yeah that's totally the same situation, thanks for proving my point with your incredibly weak example. If you could goal tend in basketball, and the points didn't count, but you had to have Shaq take the free throws, that would be the same situation. Even if you foul in basketball and the player still makes the basket, the points still count. Come on, get your head out of your ass.
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