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  1. Hey Torgy, There are plenty available online (search these forums or on google), but setting up a flow template on excel on your own is also really easy. Here are the key steps: In your original sheet: 1. Color your columns so that aff and neg are different colors. Also, expand them so a standard-sized page is covered by just the columns used for speeches. 2. Make sure all your cells have the "wrap text" property. This way, you can type to your heart's content in one cell and be able to see the whole thing. 3. Record an insert-row macro so that you can add space whenever you need it. 4. Copy that sheet over and over again, and delete the 1ac column for off case flows. 5. When you save that file, it defaults to saving it as an excel spreadsheet. Instead, save it as a template. That's a homemade flow template.
  2. Shredder


    QUARTERS GBS LP d. New Trier (3-0) GBS DT over GBS QZ GBN ZO d. Maine East KK (3-0) Walter Payton RT d. Oak Park LS (3-0) which sets up... SEMIS GBS LP vs. Payton RT (flip)- GBS is aff GBS DT (aff) vs. GBN ZO
  3. I can't rep leah either. but I did manage to rep Mr. I'm-begging-for-a-strong-reproach-from-the-entire-debate-community. I don't much care for you.
  4. Is Glenbrook North LP actually Glenbrook South LP?
  5. Kate Winslet has five oscar nominations. For two of them, she played a younger version of a character whose older version was also nominated for an oscar. What were the two movies and who were the two older counterparts? (or tell me that this question doesn't make any sense)
  6. kt brings up a pretty good point in there. NEW teams are doing terribly in these playoffs. NEW york jets- 0-1 NEW york giants- 0-1 NEW england patriots- 2-1 NEW orleans saints- 1-1 NEW teams are a combined 3-4, and none of them could pull off the big wins (new england over san diego doesn't count, because I said so.) EDIT: also, if you consider the new/new game of jets/pats, a new team was forced to win, so we should really consider them 2-4. So let's consider how the two contenders match up in this category... Chicago was incorporated on March 4, 1837, which was a whopping 18 years after Indianapolis came into existence- 1821. But, if you consider the teams' histories: the Bears began as the Decatur Staleys in 1919, whereas the colts began as the Baltimore Colts in 1953, for a difference of 34 years. The differential is thus, Indianapolis is 18 years less NEW, but the colts are 34 years more NEW, so the Indianapolis + Colts = 16 more than Chicago + Bears. Bears by 16.
  7. Remember, the illustrious Kevin Bulger, who you will soon know very well, graduated from the evil empire of Glenbrook South. Congrats! And now a plug for Duke debate. Everyone's probably got their application situations worked out, so if you're already thinking of Duke, our parliamentary debate society is awesome. If you're interested in policy, this probably isn't for you, but it's a nice, relaxed, student-run group. Lots of free travel opportunities, tons of freedom, great kids. For your consideration.
  8. Yeah HoFlo and OPRF!!!!! Way to represent.
  9. absent groves leaving, it's a rematch of new trier finals. hooray for long-term rivalries being born!!!!! congrats to sara(h) and jo(h)n with their h-less names! mazel tov to stephen and anshu with their h-ful names!
  10. Shredder

    New Trier

    Pot. Kettle. Black.
  11. Shredder

    New Trier

    freudian slip? is stephen better than anusha? oooohhhhh... and about this whole argument- i guess i can't really complain about anyone else omitting partners when really I'm just objectifying a bunch of kids on the national circuit. I'm ashamed of myself...
  12. Shredder

    New Trier

    Antonucci's point was that everyone has a partner, not just Stephen. Here are some of the partners that didn't deserve mention. •Sara Kirsch from Groves, one of the coolest debaters I know (despite barely knowing her), who broke at CFL's as a second-year (and has many other accomplishments I can't think of off the top of my head). •Bryant Huang from Greenhill, second speaker at Woodward JV nationals last year oh. and top 15 speakers... 13. Stephanie Spies - GBN 07. Anshu Sathian - Westminster 05. Parker Cronin - Centerville Remember that Stephen was once "Anusha's partner" and Mat was once "Sam Iola's partner". There are no tools or un-noteworthy partners on good teams. The one exception to that rule is Winston and Grant from GBS. They are both tools. EDIT: This rant is not directed at CairoDC, I think we're on the same page.
  13. Shredder

    New Trier

    Psh. When you say "you" i'm assuming that excludes... Chase Utley, Dan Uggla, Ray Durham, Brian Roberts, Robinson Cano, Tadahito Iguchi, Brandon Phillips, and Josh Barfield... "Marquette BW owns you"... that's a different story. Congrats to all who broke, and much midwest love- you know who you are.
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