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  1. didnt work. did it work for you?
  2. antonucci - ive been googling pieces of this conversation but they arent showing up on google. is there a specific google function that i need to use, or a certain forum? is anyone else having this problem?
  3. I'd quickly like to offer an explanation of what happened in our round. First, yes, i did post the evidence on imdb, because a. i didnt think wed use it, and b. i thought that imdb boards would come up on google searches, unlike cross-x. antonucci later informed me that it did not show up, however, i am not sure if that is due to the post being deleted (which it was) or if i was wrong. i clearly wasnt thinking all that correctly at the time, but did act in what i thought was the most fair manner. i mean, why would i want to hide that the army corps is part of the armed forces? i was simply hoping that other people would be able to google it and access the interview. Second, the only reason i read the card is we happened to have lost all the other cards that said the same thing. we didnt really have anything else to do, and we were punished appropriately with a prompt loss to a good team on an argument that is not true. Finally, id like to apologize to joel for the miscommunication. i never attempted to say it was his fault, or that he was the one that posted it. i dont erally know how it got out that it was his fault, but what i think happened is my partner told edgemont that joel cut the card, and i wasnt paying attention or wasnt listening or was doing something else. i dont know when this happened, but i also told edgemont directly after the round that i posted the evidence. then people got mixed up between this evidence and the voigt evidence because we both read ace. anyway, sorry.
  4. id quickly like to clarify what burlington hw runs. we do not run any type of draft aff. matt senghas made that up, and i dont know where the first person heard that from. we have run the army corps of engineers and peace corps. and out of the 4 tournaments burlington js have gone to, only two teams have proved the coast guard is bad.
  5. first, senghas is a jackass second, quarters results: Burlington HW def New Trier LM 3-0 New Trier BS def Edgemont SW 2-1 Greenhill RR def Carrollton HS 2-1 Burlington JS def Palmetto HH 2-1 semis: Burlington HW walks over Burlington JS New Trier BS v. Greenhill RR
  6. dont worry, i can speak on behalf of scott, and he does not hate this thread. he is just being modest. you see, when ones father is zeus, one has to be modest.
  7. Something has been bothering me for quite some time now. And that is the lack of love for Scott Movens. Scott is a wonderful human being. I had the blessing of being his partner this year at Michigan, and let me say it was the best time of my life. He is a wonderful debater and person. I love Scott, and I think you all should too. And remember, I like to Movens Movens, I like to Movens Movens...
  8. i should have specified -- soft power bad scenarios
  9. does anyone have any soft power scenarios they are willing to trade? email me what the scenarios are at thewrighteousone@gmail.com and request what you want back. have all camp files plus others.
  10. oh sorry, and any cards that say nato is bad at peacekeeping... will trade UN backfiles? im hoping for free, because its nothing that can be ran again, and camp files would be the best, but i can prob trade something.
  11. i have found a use for last years files in model UN. problem is, i cant find some of them. Anyone have backfiles on their computer about hte UN they'd want to send me? email to thewrighteousone@gmail.com specifically African Union Counterplan Sudan aff Consult russia any of the 16 pko affs (like, 1ac plus add ons would be nice) anything about france or japan
  12. lexis account name and password? i really need one... like, now.
  13. I definitely do not support Ian for moderater. Having been his partner this year, I have realized that Ian is not only a terrible person, but he is something much worse. A homosexual. He has raped me and Jason Anton's dog violently many times. These acts of homosexuality must not go unpunished. I support a taring, feathering, and lynching for Ian Hemley.
  14. you should probably check the NC Tourney Invites and Results subforum...
  15. oh wait, evan johnson and matt senghas finished in second place. evan was 3rd speaker. matt was 5th. anna jacobs was 12th speaker, and finished with the same record at 3-3 with dakota brzynalshfklas. to all the people out their who either said evan wasn't good/the best, go suck yourselves. he lost to greenhill, on jessica stolbach and nate baum's condition cp, you know, the one they never lose on. baum prepped them out to go for it for 13 min in the block. and they did. and then they almost won. to those who made fun of the way he dresses or whatever, go suck yourselves. he is far and away the best debater in the country at his level. when hes neg, hes unbeatable, although matt deserves much credit there. he made the other greenhill team cry. he made gbs break down and drop 2 t violations. anyone that can compare?
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