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  1. Daniel Straus Experience: 3 years debate at Whitman College (finals of ceda, dartmouth/ky rr, and lots of out rounds). Location: NYC Headed to Columbia Law School this fall. Current job has very flexible hours. Looking to help coach/cut cards/judge. Email me if you are interested at strausdd@gmail.com
  2. bump. 5th place copeland award. finals of CEDA. strausdd at whitmail dot edu strausdd at gmail dot com Daniel Straus
  3. Hire me for the TOC, judge, cut cards, etc. Whitman 3rd year debater, 1st Round last year, both RRs this year. WNDI lab leader. strausdd at whitmail dot edu
  4. Name - Daniel Straus College - Whitman 11 Topic Experience - Lab leader at the WNDI College Experience - Outrounds at the NDT, CEDA, GSU, Kentucky, Gonzaga, ISU, Wake Forest, NW Ceda Champs, and Novice/Sophomore Nationals. What - Cut cards, judge, scout, etc. contact - strausdd at gmail dot com
  5. Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its public health assistance to Sub-Saharan Africa. Recognizing the flaws inherent to the status quo and in a radical affirmation of abortion, my partner and I stand in opposition to the Mexico City Policy. Affirmative speeches will serve as clarifying speech-acts.
  6. Resolved: that the United States Federal Government should increase its constructive engagement with the government of one or more of: Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, and Syria, and it should include offering them a security guarantee(s) and/or a substantial increase in foreign assistance. I don't know if this helps but this is how some people have suggested reading the resolution to make it a little clearer.
  7. Does debating for a large, well funded, well coached squad encourage debaters to work harder? I wish Sonics would make it up to the DC area.
  8. Congrats to GBN and SMW doesn't going to 16 national circuit tournaments a year require both money and coaching (or at least a very dedicated parent with a flexible work schedule)?
  9. On a serious note: I've never seen any of Drew's work because I'm pretty sure that he didn't cut a single card at camp and everytime I ask him if he has aaany policy argument cut or blocked he says no - to me this indicates any k he sells on evazon is going to be bad ass. I'd also like to know who Synergy is...
  10. Oracle

    Mean Girls K

    concordia read a mean girls norm k.
  11. Washington 1st: Heights SW, 8 Ballots, 431.5 pts, 45 ranks 2nd: Wilson GS, 7 Ballots, 426.5 pts, 42 ranks 3rd: Wilson JP, 6 Ballots, 415 pts, 70 ranks 4th: Wilson NP, 5 Ballots, 5th: Wilson BM, 5 Ballots, 434 pts, 40 ranks Call UP: Wilson ZB, 5 Ballots, 400 pts, 70 ranks Arlington 1st; Yorktown SS, 10 Ballots, 453.5 pts, 34 ranks 2nd: Chantilly GK, 8 Ballots, 447 pts, 43 ranks (not going) 3rd: Stone Bridge SH, 7 Ballots, 455 pts, 40 ranks 4th: Stone Bridge FM, 6 Ballots, 438.5 pts, 42 ranks 5th: TJ CH, 5 Ballots, 441.5 pts, 44 ranks 6th: Yorktown SM, 5 Ballots, 423.5 pts, 51 ranks Call Up: Potomac Falls, 4 Ballots, 441 pts, 55 ranks (going)
  12. Oracle

    Tidewater 2007

    apparently their church got blown up by an ied back in '96. iraq = gods way of getting back.
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