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  1. not funny on a side note, if the police officers threatened to use the taser against the two students asking for badge numbers, it pretty much shows the police officers intent in using it. if he was arrested, then he could do no harm. there were quite a few officers there, why couldnt they just carry him out.why was he tasered FOUR more times? does the library policy say "If a student does not show ID, then he shall be tased."?
  2. i WAS a debater for LCC for 3 1/2 years (now at Arizona) and i can tell you that we worked just as hard as any other circuit team out there. it sucks to be reading posts that say "lcc cant be compared to damien or notre dame" (chaminade as well considering they are close with notre dame). last time i checked, austin uhler and i faced all three of those teams in elimination rounds at many so cal tournaments. as well, in 2005, austin and i went 5-3 at berkeley as both 2nd year debaters in the open division beating teams like hooch, notre dame, and chaminade. as well, William Smelko (well respected lawyer, NDT finalists,coach of St. Augustine and father of the famous Billy Smelko) respects LCC at the highest level. i would also like to give that same respect to San Dieguito Academy because they too have a well established program. we have had the honor to travel with them to many tournaments and often share debate advice when in need. Rancho Bernardo as well. i am sure wherever you decide to go, you will have a great debate experience.
  3. por favor thomasl[at]email[dot]arizona[dot]com
  4. there is nothing like an inspirational speech from Mr. Smelko. This guy is an amazing coach/lawyer/father/judge/debater. The La Costa Canyon HS debate team highly respects the reputation of Mr. Smelko. he once gave a speech to my team about the necessity of having a life with debate and you can see that his reccomendations work through his son Billy Smelko. i suggest that you listen to him
  5. yep. that is because there are army generals, head CIA members and conservative 'diplomats' that give speeches. you're basically talking to big brother as they shoot euphemisms into your head.
  6. i attended that and i had a blast. some of the lectures and speeches are one sided but other than that you meet a lot of new people, tour a lot of D.C. and learn ALOT about the government and its defense policies. (really explains exactly whats going in with the WOT)
  7. Spike Linderman when he was at UNT 2005... then eric lanning
  8. the girls are beautiful in tempe and as well in tuscon. but if you go to ASU i might have to kill you... "The University of Arizona is no longer rated in our top annual party schools list because we feel that it is unfair to include professionals in a list of amateurs." -Playboy Magazine fuck the sun devils...go wildcats Arizona '10
  9. congrats grimes and groves you guys are awesome
  11. DDI is the Kritik center. you might want to check out UTNIF. they have a great K team. UNT is having a kritik lab taught by Asher Haig (winner of the TOC i think 3 years ago?) and Sam Iola (Finalist of 2005 TOC?). both great K minds at a camp w/ a great price ($1400).
  12. preston is my hero The University of Arizona and i am done with debate! Bear Down...
  13. lol, you do know i was sarcastic right? the wealthiness of evidence doesnt necessarily mean you are really good at debate. its all of how to analyze your evidence which larger camps like NU, UMich and GDI teach you. most of the time you are using a strategy that is very strategic and you run it almost every round. did you brother ever talk about the quality of the evidence or how helpful the lab leaders were? or was it awesome because there was a great atmosphere? did they give good topic analysis lecture and how different kritiks will function? what about new cp's, disads or T violations? what about the quality of there college program? do their debaters quallify for the NDT and CEDA tournaments? What about money? is the camp expensive? do they offer financial aid to those in need? these factors are very essential to choosing a camp. not just the amount of evidence they produce. think about it, camps basically decide what the arguements are going to be in the debate year. if you want that alot of evidence, trade with fellow debaters. by no means am i trying to put down the integrity of the debate camp, but i think you might want to do alot more thinking before you put a lot of money for the debate season.
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