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  1. meggie you're the best!

  2. Hey- my brother, Michael, and are I are both available to judge/do work for the TOC. We really only care about travel money and a place to stay- email at meggiexjoy@gmail.com
  3. why is everyone ignoring DGOB from valley? he rules
  4. well since it was all in fun let's just turn the other way and just b/c youre a girl doesnt mean you know what sexism is. i dont think ben and michael are sitting on a pedestal acting as though they're "god" by helping out "women", i think they were pointing out the obvious; that this thread is inappropriate and this is why the activity itself has been labeled as sexist. and i'm a woman, and i DO think this is inappropriate.
  5. i love being called hot as a joke ....
  6. how ironic that the poll indicates a majority think kcc is arrogant and rude and yet no one will post and justify their response
  7. yeah..mapes/walters dropped on a 2-1
  8. MeggieMapes

    Iowa 05-06

    HAHAHAHAHAHA see- that is what i'm talking about
  9. MeggieMapes

    Iowa 05-06

    Best Debate Partner-oh god. megan, obviously. AND travis Most Dialed Phone Number at a Debate Tournament-travis? steve? Scariest moment- debate isnt scary...but kyle vint is. Nicest People- jarvey, grant, uhhhhh, kyle, travis, etc etc Most Famous Quote- "if i ever see that damn omelas baby, i'm killing it" travis Best Tournaments-caucus, blake, state Best Disad on the topic this year-idk..wot? Best Facebook profile- ernie Best LiveJournal- stephen Biggest Man Boobs- idk i still say al smith even though he's long gone Best Person to ask if you have an Question -a;grjargjifdk pomeranz Mostly like team to win the TOC-wash jv/valley gh Most Likely to Be a Debate Coach- kyle vint Hottest Male Debater: travis henderson, kyle vint Hottest Female Debater: shafali Best Judge- pomeranz Best Upcoming Team- corey/patrick, dan/rob, uhhh i dont really know Best Helper in the World-anna jahn Best beat box/free style duo- jarvey/vint Most Technology in the State-gobs Weirdest Affirmative at IFL-uhhhh..haha dunno Best Topicality Argument- i dont like t..buut either/or or something lame like that. Funniest Coach/ Person- both steves A person who doesn’t allows get the credit s/he deserves -kruse Best shirt/tie worn by Stephen Renzi- i liked the banana republic shirt at ifls Least Fav. Tourney: dowling Scariest Debater: travis Scariest Judge: hamburger..he makes pirate noises Funniest Debater: gobs Funniest Judge: solow Funniest Coach: steve Worst Strategic Choice: dunno Most Likely to Judge all the time: vint Senior(s) you'll miss the most: kyle vint, travis, jarvey Best novices: idk..i hear city has good novices Best dressed: bistra/cc Best 1A- travis Best 2A- jarvey Best 1N- gobs Best 2N- vint
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