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  1. Hi - I'm Leah one of the faculty members at the GDI - I wanted to make sure you all got the answers you needed about airport transportation - Spokane Airport is not very large and there are cabs available at the airport that are VERY good at navigating the campus and all of these drivers carry maps with them just in case. They should know where they are going but those that don't will often times carry a GPS - Welch Hall on the Gonzaga Campus (1117 North Dakota Street) - We have a full time staff member with a phone that you can call if students are lost or if there are complications with travel. Someone will ALWAYS have this phone (this applies through the course of the camp as well). - The Gonzaga campus is also very small and has lots of friendly faculty members constantly outside during the summer. If you did get off track on campus it would not be very hard to get back on track. If there are any other questions, please let me know! Can't wait to see everyone this summer!
  2. Yup, Jim and I are running the extension week program as well. The extension week is going to include: - a lot of small group work - practice debates - additional lectures (in a lab setting) about particular skills/arguments I really don't want the extension week to focus on research production but if we find holes in the camp materials we can definitely spend time filling them. The extension week gives you a time to do re-dos from the camp tournament. We are going to try to make some of the practice debates more targeted at skills work (so for example, we will have a practice debate where all of the aff speeches are 2 minutes longer in order to pressure the negative and vice versa) I hope this answers some of your questions! LM
  3. If anyone has any questions about the Gonzaga Sophomores lab I check these forums periodically and would be happy to answer any questions about the curriculum or direct you to past students that would tell you a little more about the experience. If you need a more prompt response you can also always email me. I hope to see some of you this summer! Leah
  4. Version

    With Congress out of session until April 16th and Obama on the campaign trail the news cycle has been quite unpredictable - so you are sure to see some unpredictable DAs this weekend. This Thursday File includes updates to the Jackson-Vanik Situation, including answers to the argument that any Jackson-Vanik legislation will be coupled with the Magnitsky bill to "name and shame" Russia as a human rights violator. This file also includes a cybersecurity bill scenario - there are a number of pieces of cyber-security legislation floating around. Obama's bill is one that attempts to protect critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks. This Thursday file gives you the updates on the major thumpers such as the Buffett Rule as well as an update for on the elections DA. Leah Moczulski is a debater for Gonzaga University and was a semi-finalist at the 2012 National Debate Tournament.

    10.00 USD

  5. I disagree Bankey, I think the Lady Gaga concert we're going to might be as fulfilling as Eric Lanning. Maybe we can even bring Lanning. I hope I didn't blow your mind there. Also.. PS4L (Peter Susko 4 Lyfe)
  6. I still have the cites and relevant evidence from the debate coaches version of the aff that we read at the TOC if someone needs to contact me for the cites.
  7. As far as I know, the GDI is only going to be a 4-week institute. The GDI website is the best source of information to go by. If there are any changes on the dates of the institute Glen would post it there.
  8. No, there will still be a semis bid despite the drops. The people that do TOC bids are extremely understanding of weather conditions that are outside of the tournament's control.
  9. WOO-HA! The Molivers are alive within us all.
  10. You can PM me or ask me about this @ UNT in more detail so I don't clog the forum - but Boeger was our coach only in name. He signed off on the forms for tournaments for us. The school agreed to let us travel nationally if we always had Eric's father travel with us. We payed for 100% of everything we did our senior year out of pocket. The Woodlands subsidized none of it. Like I said, I'll be working at the camp. Questions? Just ask.
  11. I feel like it was 5 prelims and breaks to octos - but it's been a while so I could be wrong. And yes, I graduated from The Woodlands in 2007. I debated for McCullough for 2 years, College Park for 1, and then came back to debate for The Woodlands/slightly independant my senior year.
  12. There is a tournament for the 2 week campers that occurs at the end of their stay at the institute. Then there is a full tournament at the end of 3 weeks if I remember correctly is everyone v. everyone. If you stay for the skills session there is a round robin at the end of that. (Dan, correct me on this if I'm wrong - I wasn't working all 3 weeks last year) There are also a bunch of practice rounds that are not included in the official tournament.
  13. I might be doing something for my college team - but I can check with Lanning and see if he's interested. Leah
  14. You'll be fine. I'm not sure of this year's situation, but every other year I've attended North Texas debaters have had access to a set of computer labs/the computers in the library for card cutting. The only time you're at a slight disadvantage is when taking lectures notes. Leah
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