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  1. I think I know who u mean by possum...and bro, I think it is kinda out there now(since u did post it and all) but hear what from whom? And CairoDC, dont be so quick to apologize. It is only bad rep and doesn't matter. You are just lucky that people can no longer constantly give u bad reputation. Not to mention it makes you sound kind of soft and weak. However, with the question u originally asked, you did only have sincerity in mind.
  2. I honestly think Trion will be full of surprises this year. There isn't a single senior to the team, meaning they wont lose any of our good debaters this year. Last year, multiple Trion teams who were in their first year of debate made quite a mark on the JV level and also on the Varsity level. Not to mention some second year debaters who did well in the Varsity level all year long. Trion Debaters to watch for: Kunzleman, Day, Helms, Alred, Dukes, Mcwhorter. Another reason why I believe that Trion will do so well this year is that all of our best debaters have passion in debate (except for Kunzleman, so much apathy within him). I belive that if Trion brings more teams to NFL mountain districts, that they would win a nationals bid for sure. Trion will be a force to reckon with I believe at any tournament.
  3. So Diamond did go to c-ton...interesting...
  4. As I recall, Brookwood last year ran PSI and the plan was talking about stopping boats or something like that. ne ways, the plan flaw here could have been ran as a topicality authority. This is b/c the US only has jurisdiction of the waters around it up to a certain limit b/c of international treaties. Since this is so, the plan is flawed and therefore cannot work. It is usually good to run a plan flaw argument in conjunction with a topicality argument just b/c they usually fit well together. I have seen teams win on these types of arguments and I myself would buy them.
  5. Spreading...I remember that tactic...the judge hated it for the most part. My partner and I ran like six off our novice year (that was when novice was different). The ONLY situation that I could see using spreading in is a JV round because once you hit varsity most judges prefer fewer arguments and more analysis. However, if you feel this animal urge to spread, pick the arguments that are the quickest to read. For example, a few topicalities, a short DA(or two), some oncase but theory and really deep and complex arguments do not go well together with spreading (CP's and K's mainly, however you can still run multiple arguments with a CP, just be really really careful). My opinion on spreading is that it is actually a very cheap way to win and the only way that I would vote for a team that spread would be if the other team didnt have a single piece of evidence against anything (assuming the arguments were actually logical) and just wasted my time. Even then though, I would have no clue how to do speaker points. And if you wish to read faster where you can get more evidence in, read the same things over and over (read them silently, read them aloud, read them with "and" between every word, read it backwards, read it so much that you almost have it memorized). Peace. Cochran
  6. I was never perfect with my flowing when I debated, however, I did know the right way to do it. Many people prefer to flow with their paper landscape (long ways) and divide it into eight different parts, one for each speech and have a different sheet of flow paper for every argument. Learn to abbreviate things also. It is usually safe to leave out little words like "the", "are", "is". Writing small also helps to conserve space. As for the importance of flowing, well, it helps you know what is going on in the round. Just because you can take their stuff and look at it doesn't mean you are ready. The flows are their to remind you have what the material is. For novices, I would recomend flowing with the paper landscape divided into different sections with the argument name at the top of the page, a different color of pen for each team, and extra paper within quick reach incase they run something extra. In novice, I rarely see a case where the authors or dates mattter since it is all washed down and preset, but it is still a good habit to get into (the habit being able to get the author and date). But novices, dont flow the whole tag, just enough to let you know what it is about, and if you want to save some space where you can write specific notes about the card. Good flowing habits come in handy in the JV and Varsity levels.
  7. I think this case is a good idea, but how would it work? And a little bit of rewording: Plan: The United States Federal Government should establish a policy substantially increasing the number of persons serving in the Armed forces by allowing non-violent first time convicted felon to serve half of their sentence in a military branch of their choice, after which time they would be released and pardoned. Inherency: We don’t do it now Adv 1 Prison Population (would decrease the overpopulation problem in prison) Adv 2 Rehabilitation (Find cards saying that the Army makes better men Adv 3 Budget ( Letting the criminals fight would decrease prison costs so they could use it on other crime related areas) Solvency…kind of blank I guess for now… -Cochran
  8. *sits and waits for the "right" answer*
  9. Ya though, wasn't OSPEC for over specific plans? We all know the USFG has three branches. All right, if they use one of those three, they are not REALLY over specifying. It is when they say how they get the money, what government sub agency will be enforcing it (ex. Congress pass a bill to increase ocean education,The Department of Education enforces, and they get money from taxes or something).
  10. Personally, these are probably two of the worst and most widely abused arguments just for the fact that the way I understand it, OSPEC was originally an argument for over specific (hence, over specification) plan texts (ex. a plan does something and is getting rid of multiple things and it even gives u the specific enforcers step by step, not just a branch of the USFG). However, it seems to me that OSPEC has evolved into an argument that where if they specify which branch of the USFG (Legislative, Judicial, or Executive) they are being over specific with their plan text. I was just curious about when OSPEC, ASPEC (which is often also confusing, and a TRUE explaination would be welcome), and any other SPEC's became really big in the debating culture. If you actually just sit and think about it, the way OSPEC is ran today, is totally ridiculous. We know that we have a USFG that is divided into three seperate branches, we know that each one can do different things, and we also know that their are checks and balances between each of them, so how could specifing a certain one be abusive in any way? But I only started this thread out of curiousity and possibly clear the fog forever on the speculation of all the SPECS.
  11. I personally wasnt around for this topic. However, I am pretty sure that if you searched the internet for the information that you were looking for, that you would definately find something. Information on mental health in general, could probably be found by researching psychologists. Also, may I ask what is the reason for this thread? I could see how it has some possibility relating to next years topic, but I am just curious about how you are going to use it.
  12. Wow, way to keep the thread on topic! GO MAGICMUSHROOM!!!WHOOT WHOOT!!!
  13. For once, I am going to step down and not say anything negative in reply. Instead, I will let things take its course.
  14. He cant help... Sadly, Allred has ascended me in any measure of stupidity. At least MagicMushroom and I at least attempt to help people, while Allred is busy prancing around making random stupid posts with absolutely no meaning. 1. No it wasnt funny 2. Good for you 3. Go drink some gasoline
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