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  1. When is the Glenbrooks? Right now I am not judging there.
  2. Does anyone know when the Pattonville Tournament is? I want to come back and judge if it is in December. -Kevin Andert
  3. My fraternity uses a part of that song in our 1am song, 30 minute long techno song, we play it at all of our parties. Kick ass song.
  4. I was only able to judge the round because i was on a pannel. Otherwise i would not have been able to.
  5. I judged CX finals and last i checked i am not a coach. And just because coaches are judging does not mean you can not have a "good round" (I know better than try to pretend everyone agrees on what is a good round). In this case good means educational and at the same time fun.
  6. http://forensics.truman.edu/hstournament.html the rumor is true
  7. Ummm, it is not really "the easiest thing" to be able to send a policy team. I know there were tons of competition last year to go. I think KCC ending up getting the slot last year. We only get to send one team as a "Dioscese" (state).
  8. Or it could be in quarters of mshaa districts when galster and i debated smarcus and they ran imperealism K, China Heg DA and T PKO and case. A quick paced round with lots of clash, thats right, CLASH.
  9. So Mo, one time, i was at this schools tournament, whose was it, o yeah, Parkway Central, HOLY SHIT. Bash pville if u want, i would much rather see you try to defend that your tournament was of the highest quality and that you could do a better job than we did. It is hard to get a perfect judging pool, but we try to make it as good as possible. *I ALSO NEVER BROKE AT PATTONVILLE, WHAT A RETARDED TOURNAMENT
  10. I got to debate with melissa right after that happened, and greg sat outside of the round, right outside the door, and pouted.
  11. I must say Kevin Claderwood is correct on this one. Brett, NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER bad talk your partner. Do u remember pierce saying you never talk about rounds until u are on the bus on the ride home, because someone may over hear u, get mad and hold it against u later. THIS IS JUST LIKE THAT. And remember the other staple pierce comment - "You should never be cocky and say LOOK I GOT THE 1 to your partner sitting next to you. Instead, you should only say something if your partner gets the 1. " Take that advice, otherwise u come off as a cocky and that is not good. I think the best solution is for you to go maverick against Tim Kile and Collin Galster, and then see if you think u are so good that the only problem is a partner. Wow, I appologize for this thread and this does not reflect in any way how pattonville deals with problems or struggles within our team. Pattonville is a united team and this thread was just an uninformed, unplanned and unneeded slip up.
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