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  1. yea.. ive gotten random neg rep from pretty non-offensive posts, nearly the same style. If someone is going to do that and not at least tell you who they are, then who cares, they obviously are too embarrased to actually come forth and say it. I totally forgot FHN, their novices have been extremely successful, and will definitely continue to be successful
  2. Groves is definitely one, year after year they do great on every level. DCD seems like a smaller powerhouse, they always have a large team, and are competitive on each level.
  3. Ah I remember SDI 3 week, it felt like such a long time. Now Im staying at the 7 week camp, and the 4 weeks ive been here feels like 2 months!
  4. I to am looking for a job in the chicago area. I am currently an RA at the University of Michigan 7 week camp, and would love to work next year, since this topic sounds very interesting. I debated for 3 years for Seaholm High School in Birmingham, MI. Ill be attending Loyola University on the northside of chicago next year. Email me with any questions mmuir@luc.edu
  5. Im going to Loyola University of Chicago. Sadly due to budget cuts, the policy debate team got cut, but Ill be debating parli - Matt Muir
  6. wow so FHN picked up a ballot against EGR? Thats really sweet. Congratulations to both teams, especially FHN. me and jon debated you guys a lot, and we had lots of fun
  7. Im pretty sure EGR is now division two, and they are for sure gonna kick ass
  8. seaholm will hopefully be coming, if the snow isnt too bad. I just saw something saying it may reach up to 9"!
  9. I really want to be an RA to, that would be amazing.
  10. Now thats what i call a sticky situation!
  11. Anyone have DDI files? I have SDI 2/3 week, and a lot of compilations from many camps. IM- bhamlaxy email- bhamlaxy@gmail.com
  12. stupid band event, or else we would be going to glenbrooks
  13. seaholm will be sending matt muir / sasha hyman for varsity
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