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  1. There is no such thing as equality.....Racism will always exists in multiple forms (HeteroSexism, Gender roles, Hunting of animals, etc.) When you get rid of one, another one, usually the exact opposite, will "pop up." When the minority is given the "power", it becomes unequal, because the become the ones with power....thus power becomes the "wrong type of power". I'm also very sorry you can't talk about these philosophic entrenchments more as well. It's a shame that educated people cannot educate themselves.
  2. 1) I wasn't talking to you, don't be a douche. 2) I'm not, or never want to be, in Arkansas.....I don't care what they think. 3) A threat of backlash could be worse than not doing plan, thus, we might want to allow the threat of backlash instead of case impacts..... 4) The Camus cards turns this argument, look again The argument will be made, and I've heard it, that "power given to minorities causes atrocities, proven throughout history, and creates new modes of power while re-entrenching "old" ways of power and domination." This turns case impacts and becomes a huge solvency deficit for you..... 5) It's very clear you didn't comprehend what I said or you wouldn't be disagreing. I offered a modification and all-out advice. Don't try to fight me, I was HELPING.... 6) Here's what I'm saying. a) Society, RIGHT NOW, is racist..... Your case attempts to break down and stop Racism on a global leve. Thus, you must acknowledge racism exists in today's world, but not fucntion on the same level as the world today, because it is racist....do you see? If you try to stop racism on a global level through a global entity or action, it becomes warped and racist itself, turning your case. Because your inherency will point out how the world is racist. Being said, you inherency will almost always, in this particuar situation, turn your solvency and make your plan utter crap. I hope you truly see I'm trying to help so you stop acting like a dick.
  3. Tony Blair's redneck cousin....
  4. No, debaters aren't looking for a star, they want the judge's paradigm shifted and evolved to meet the means in the round. If the judge does so, then they are inclined to sign the ballot for the paradigm he has shifted or evolved into. It's not the paper that is the judge's endorsement, it's the paper that PROVES the judges endorsement. He/She is required to make a big decision, if his endorsement changes, he/she SHOULD sign the ballot. You're right, but the argument works, and some debaters out there have nothing to lose, and don't care, but use debate as an activist activity.
  5. You're taking philosophy and society out of context here. I don't care what Diction means to Dictionary.com....because no dictionary will ever use a word in the context of life, especially in the frame of philosophy. Every word becomes a personal interpretation. I'm saying we can tell people things without saying anything verbally....do you see?? I can make a message to millions without one word, that's discourse. That silence has achieved to same thing words has, a message, except silence achives more impact. Because then it's for other's interpretation, it makes the "message" more personal. Thus discourse, by being anything we say, is such that it becomes what we don't say as well. Now do you see?
  6. Right, but your AFF makes an attempt to break down that atrocious mode of society. As such, you CAN'T do society is doing, because THATS RACIST. The argument will be made, and I've heard it, that "power given to minorities causes atrocities, proven throughout history, and creates new modes of power while re-entrenching "old" ways of power and domination. I think Camus wrote it, I'll look around for it for you. Race does matter today, but your case attempts to stop that for tomorrow because of the violence created by that viewpoint. You should acknowledge it's existence, but not follow through in it's wake.
  7. Next2Last03

    I'm sorry.

    it is for him, I think it's better than nothing.....
  8. Good idea, I like the Kritikal Aff more, but your idea works well in round. Minorites can discriminate too......I'm not sure how far this gets you, being black doesn't get you a link out of the unique racism K.....That's a little arrogant to think a judge will pick you up because a white kid ran a racism K on you, and you are black......after all your case could potentially discriminate and essentially marginalize others. It doesn't seem like your case does, but you need GOOD answers to the K. Trust me you will hear it A LOT.
  9. I'm sorry you disagre, my example was horrible, I'll try again. I'm not saying actions are discourse,......I never said "Actions are discourse". But not saying anything is saying something. That silence may be a symbolic mode of power to break a system down. THATS DISCOURSE. Not saying anything is discourse, because that's a blatant refusal to not engage or respond to the latter. Anything that has intent to influence, through language or lack of language, is discourse. IF someone said a racist remark, you can re-act in millions of ways. You can laugh, and encourage it, you can tell them to stop, or you can say nothing, make them feel stupid, and it won't happen again. All of these actions act a discursive resistance against racist slurs.
  10. mmmmmmm.....McNuggets......
  11. This is where I disagree, the CP must be severance if the Kritikal advantage is in play. You can't have China pass the pre-fiat plan.....that doesn't make sense, that's buying into this "fiat" game that props up racism (I.e-Elitism) in Debate. Don't perpetuate this cycle of violence debate upholds. Debate is dominated by white males, that's it, China talking about it, doesn't change debate........Cp has no solvency. you can always find solvency. "there is a cure for Racism" articles are everywhere, just need to be looked for, and since I'm graduating this year, screw that. A chance to abolish racism is always going to outweigh any other impact you can read. Racism is the reason for every atrocity ever......Holocaust, Rwanda, 9/11, Iraq, The Congo's, Turkey-Greece, etc. Plus the systemmic impact is inherent everywhere......huge weighing advantage aff if it is done right... O ya and dude make that money,....indulge in Capatalism, it's great.....My hats off to ya. Make those blocks and sell em......Good idea.
  12. Shut up Leah, this is Joey from GA. Of course you thought Will was nice at Kentucky... HAHAHAHAHAHA......ya the racism advantage is huge, man that Greathouse kid is something serious, he got kids all over the nation bowing before his idea. HAHAHAHA..... only there is one risk, with the racism advantage, your case becomes a unique link to many racism K's out there, but you get a few "we have to speak for them, because they won't" type stuff and a risk of your advantage, and entire 1ac, will outweigh any impacts the neg brings. Also, the impacts to the Racism K will be the same impacts as the Aff harms, so at least you take a stand against the racism, and thus violence in the system. Your step is a ladder, in which actual social change occurs, and may eventually lead to the abolishment and unltimate abondonment of racism. It's better than acknowledging racism exists and not trying to do anything about it. If you don't understand this sorry. On a different note, Joe-Miller half of those cards reinforce racism. They objectify people by either being "white" or "colored". Some of them label and marginalize seperate parts of society-thats what racism does....... Be careful, with this advantage you must watch every word you say, one slip up, and the neg will clean you up, much like every Kritikal Aff. Just be careful here people.
  13. Next2Last03

    I'm sorry.

    Nice pictures........ ..........its ok....I guess....I'd also like to apologize for being an ass to you....
  14. Sorry...brah....as in slang for brother....is that a problem?
  15. Next2Last03


    no no, you said you read de-dev first, don't change it into a real round......you read de-dev first on me, then i malthus'ed it then you fem turn malthus, I concede malthus and cross-apply de-dev to the fem. That's it, no in round frontline, don't change the order on me....come on now.....De-dev just to cap and econ.....that means your feminism and de-dev can't co-exist, either one double turns the other....you're screwed there Tom. Case minus action is so severance.....huge abuse issue....and De-dev takes out fem anyway.....besides case is one big action.....the idea of any case is TO TAKE ACTION, thus de-dev conflicts with it, which means you can't vote on de-dev. Everything in the world is an action. You talking about it not being an action is an action, you turn yourself.......De-DEV is stupid and more trouble than it is worth.
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