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  1. I don't think I have to say more.
  2. Quickly, what are some advantages to the U.S. combating poverty as a NSS?
  3. Does anyone know where I can find full results?
  4. dc_ajn


    Where will the State tourney be, and when?
  5. At least it's more important than sporting events.
  6. Really? That's interesting, because usually it says posts are edited when they are. Hmmm...
  7. Because Pierce asked me to, so I assumed he had been asked, as well. It's next weekend (17-18).
  8. Yeah, there are sooo many uses of "fuck you" in my post...
  9. Hey, can you remind me of the score of the game tonight?
  10. That's interesting... seeing as how NO ONE called him on it, yet Rogers was caught first inning. I've been saying Cards in five since the beginning of the series. The Tigers are too inexperienced, hence the reason they've sucked all World Series. They can't handle the pressure, especially in St. Louis. I was at the game on tuesday, and it was just nuts.
  11. Fuck you! The Cardinals own all of you. They weren't even "supposed" to be in the playoffs. They weren't "supposed" to beat the Padres. Then, they weren't "supposed" to beat the Mets. And even now, analysts are still saying they're not "supposed" to be up against the Tigers. Fuck them and fuck you, too. The Cardinals have demonstrated one thing consistently this post-season: they have effectively shitted all over major league baseball. Anyone who says the Cards don't deserve it at this point is an idiot... not to mention their loss in game 1 was due to a cheating whore of a pitcher.
  12. Kevin, are you judging at the Glenbrooks?
  13. Collin Galster in whatever he does.
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