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  1. Hi all, Registration is now open for Debate Central's Fall 2014 debate workshops! There will be two sessions: August 9th and September 20th. Both will be held on the UTD campus, 10am-4pm. Attendance includes top-notch coaching assistance, free evidence starter packets, and lunch... all for absolutely FREE! Teaching staff includes some of Texas's best debate minds, like Louie Petit, Scott Herndon, Jason Sykes, Kris Wright, and Derek Ziegler. Attendance is open to any coach or student at any experience level. We will offer labs for policy/CX, LD, and PF, so your whole team can come with you! For further information or to register, visit debate-central.ncpa.org/register-now-for-our-free-debate-workshops/ or email Rachel (DOT) Stevens (AT) ncpa.org We look forward to working with you!
  2. Hi all, Please consider entering this scholarship contest. All you have to do is submit a 1,200 word essay. Your essay should engage with the readings (short; only a few pages), but it does not need to agree with them. Three winners will be selected, winning up to $5,000 each and a free trip to Dallas to receive your award. The deadline is December 31, 2013. It should only take you a very little while to write this essay, so the potential pay-off is huge! more information and submission instructions at: debate-central.ncpa.org/yp14
  3. It was cool, when we did it. Four years ago. Mine is forthcoming.
  4. This is an example of why i need to check cross-x more often, apparently. I was under the impression we had a page on the wiki, so this is news to me. I don't keep digital copies of my debaters' stuff, so I can't change it now. But make us a page and I'll make them put it up tonight. Sorry to everyone that it's not already up. I'm about as big of a proponent of informative, robust wikis as anyone can be, so I understand the frustration. It's going to get fixed.
  5. Lincoln High will have the monstrous hybrid team of Arron Johnson and Derrick Stevens running monstrous hybrid arguments. I, tragically, will not be there because I will be debating in Springfield, MO instead. So someone else is going to have to adjudicate the wipeout debates this weekend. Sad.
  6. Ryan and I want to cut you a politics disad.
  7. Oh, yay, a new thread. This is the perfect place for me to say that I NEED A JOB and see if anyone is in the market for an assistant coach. I have no life which means I cut lots of cards. Hit me up.
  8. I think its an example of high school debate trying to mirror college debate. Lots of college resolutions (2 out of the last 3) have "one or more of the following" clauses. Also, its supposed to keep the topic more narrowly focused and decrease the amount of vagueness about what is and is not topical, I guess. Whether or not it actually does either of those things is up for debate.
  9. Remind me not to go home that weekend if the Kearney tournament is pants-optional. Holy shit that mental image is upsetting. In other news, I'm officially transferring to UNL next semester and am going to be looking for a job. If anyone is in the market for an assistant coach, hit me up.
  10. Wow, it's been a suuuuper long time since I've posted on cross-x. Anyway, just wanted to congratulate everyone involved with LSW. I was beyond impressed with all of the rounds I saw. Definitely a good start to the year.
  11. What weekend is LSW and does anyone need a judge for it?
  12. The first thing I thought when I read this post was "I bet this is about Uighurs." Lo and behold...
  13. I'm planning on being at KCKCC if anyone wants to hire me as a judge. I'm more than willing to help out whoever hires me with coaching and/or card-cutting as well. Let me know. Looking forward to reconnecting with the Nebraska community for the weekend.
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