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  1. when i open up the timer and click on setting i get Run Time error 339 something about the Xvoice.dll do you know what im doing wrong Thanks
  2. im probably going to Kentucky maybe SDI 3-Week pm me
  3. fikej

    Bauman K

    yea I lost to MBA on it if u run pdd-25 or something just read your heg. advantage, and your genocide advantage with another impact then read Vetelsen in the 2ac
  4. fikej

    the rev

    ive got it from UT I think I was in your lab PM me
  5. Is the solvency as good for PKO's outside of Africa? and what net benefits do you run with Bangladesh beside the Ad-on's in the file or do you just run DA's that aren't net benefits
  6. just run them both conditionally and run your p-tix DA
  7. is this just against the Iraq case or would you run it every round
  8. then what would be a good non-standard CP
  9. I was thinking of running Consult Nato as my maing neg strat but I was wondering what NB's and what the rest of the 1nc should consist of or if I should run Nato do the plan or some other CP. Thanks
  10. I want to run Indo/Pak but I haven't seen it yet is there some reason no one is running it or have I just not hit it. Also are there any camps besides UT and DDI that put it out?
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