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  1. Wow. Congrats to GW. How many teams were there?
  2. Then why post here rather than in the WFI thread? I genuinely did not mean that to be a patronizing statement, but I understand how it came across that way, and I apologize. I actually meant what I said in that I am glad you worked as hard as you did because I liked having you as a judge and I believe you make the debate community better, and I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that had you not gone to camp those things wouldn't have happened. Crowe's first post is directed to people who are "thinking of attending [CPDI] instead of WFI," and is an attempt to make them reconsider. I'm defensive about this because I felt like you guys were coming in and being unfair to Paul, and to the people considering his institute. I felt like you were piling it on unnecessarily, when everyone already knew that WFI was instructionally superior, and cheaper on a per unit rate. And if you think that people didn't know these things, fine, I get why you're advertising them. You're trying to convince people that they should go to your camp instead of Loupe's. But how can you also say, "Nothing in this post should be construed as bagging on Paul's endeavor."? Everything in the post was directed towards saying that your camp is better than his. But I don't want to keep arguing about this. I think we agree about the substance, and the rest of this consists of whether or not I'm an asshole, which might be a losing battle for me.
  3. Since I was critical before, I feel like to be fair I should explicitly acknowledge how awesome it is of Matt/WFI to offer this.
  4. In general, I think it would be nice to give him the benefit of the doubt and guess that he put one of the weekends during WFI for reasons other than trying to make people choose between them. There is no doubt that WFI is a better per unit rate. There might be some people for whom the difference in overall price is significant, however, and that means that WFI's economic superiority is not foregone. I'm glad that TCram worked as hard as he did in high school to pay for camp, but maybe other people don't want to/can't. But I agree with you: if you have the money, time, interest in becoming a better debater, and can't do both, go to WFI. My bad. Sorry for my confusion. I don't disagree at all, kids should try to go to WFI if they're into debate and they can. I just think that everyone knows, and that to argue as if that wasn't obvious suggests some belief that there is a plausible argument in favor of CPDI over WFI, something I don't believe. Also, the substance of TCram's post is directed towards the instructional superiority of WFI, which is unchallenged. The fact that he felt the need to defend WFI's instruction compared to CPDI's is what worried me, because it seems that WFI's superiority should be so obvious.
  5. This seems somewhat disingenuous to me, after following several paragraphs that speak to how much more WFI has to offer. Maybe Paul can chime in here, but I don't think he is trying to compete with WFI; he would be stupid to try to. I can't imagine how anyone could get nearly as much out of CPDI as they could out of WFI, but maybe some beginners don't want to spend 2-3 weeks of their summer in Laramie. Maybe some returning debaters want to use the advanced session of CDI to network with some other CO debaters who might be going to other camps, and then attend the 2- or 3-week WFI. I'm not sure what Chris means by "People have spent years in jail for stealing less," but if he's suggest that Loupe is stealing by charging the rates that he is, that seems really uncool. I went to WFI twice and would recommend it to people. If anything, the fact that you guys seem to think that CPDI is competition is cause for concern.
  6. There are about 2 threads since 2007 that reference Palisade.
  7. Hey, my last post was in March. Weird?
  8. I can't believe you bumped this. Weird...
  9. In Greg's defense, it seems to me that you'll run into problems with alternatives. Alternatives aren't CPs, but the rules may require the judge to consider all negative advocacies as counterplans, and then you get the issues with non-topicality, and more importantly, solving harms. If not all counter-advocacies are counterplans, then it seems to me that an inventive neg could run a topical, non-harm solving "counter advocacy" that coincidentally wasn't a CP. Interpretative consistency seems to suggest that alternatives meet the burden imposed on CPs. Additionally, Greg's not saying he won't listen to your Ks. He will. He's just telling you to "frame them" in a stock issues manner. To be fair though, the CHSAA rules don't say that Ks have to be framed as stock issues.
  10. This has pretty much been adressed, but cards, Nietzsche or otherwise, that argue for the non-existence of god would not be responsive to this kritik.
  11. hey, Cameron, you should hit Greg up for this stuff. I think he and I were the only ones in the region to ever read this in a round, and only then because we had literally nothing else. I also wrote my EE about it. Anyway, I'm sure he has the file we cut on it, and can give you some insight into how to answer it.
  12. Don't you just feel so old? Also, when did Toby become the new CX-archivist (no offense greg)?
  13. why does that always happen?
  14. Dude, do you have any idea what you're talking about? Berkeley is a solid school with a much better policy squad than ours, but its campus hasn't got anything on ours. Sorry for corrupting the thread. On a more relevant note, I would second Shayan's statement that Judy Butler is a great lab leader. In the past, we've dedicated too many of our top staff to that lab, but I understand that a couple of people who worked with her will be leading their own labs in the future. That said, this is all hearsay and I speak with no authority.
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