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  1. Congrats to Kristie and the crew from CCC on going to the TOC show again this year Special congrats to Darren, Marie, and the crew at Centerville for that outstanding performance of breaking and placing in the top 10 for speaks at TOC. That is doing Ohio proud.
  2. I'm hearing finals is going on right now and it's CCC vs Centerville
  3. These are unoffical but I've heard: Postings for quarters are not out yet. CC - A picked up Wooster - A picked up over Princeton SJJ - A picked up Louisville picked up Jackson dropped SJJ - B dropped
  4. So far I'm hearing that there is a full flighted Octos due to number of judges. I hear the only 2 undefeated at theis point are CC and Iggs.
  5. No, no, start debating like office space. Show up about 20 minutes late. Sneak in the side door so the judge doesn't see you. Then just sit there and space out for about 45 minutes or so. All in all over the course of a tournament you could do about a half hour of work.
  6. Does Captn Crunch sound like Lumberg? Um, yea. I'm going to have to lock this. I have a couple Kerry win poltx files you can have.
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