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  1. There is also perm and I-perm (intrinsic) on Urban Dictionary.
  2. Thanks Jason. I gave Stroh my number today, so ya'll have a way to contact me now. It is for sure that Justin Anderson will make an appearance tommorow with a ballot in his hand.
  3. Uhhh, I don't know who you are. What time is first round? I need to know so the best LDers of last year can make an appearance judging, Justin Anderson and Dustin Wiens, with the possibility of THE MAN Phil Bouska judging at some point this weekend as well.
  4. No, because you are an idiot. George Mason didn't seem to get big heads and make dumb mistakes showboating and what not.
  5. What's a "SEARCH FUNCTION PEOPLE?" Personally when I was in high school, I would have much rather done debate year round, because I enjoy it more. Unfortunately, my favorite organization in the world, KSHSAA seems to have the most static rules regarding debate/forensics for Kansas. This is why we compete in debate for the first semester (within a 500 mile limit of KS) and forensicate second semester (also within the 500 mile limit).
  6. I think he was talking about South Kansas before Sunflower emancipated. I don't know who's who in debate, much less any other event, but last year the district that had the farthest team in nationals was Sunflower with WSE KP getting 10th. The year before a team from East Kansas (OSouth SS) and Flint Hills (Manhattan JL) got out in the same round and both ended up in the top 16. Three trails is always a threat with all the Blue Valley schools. But when you ask what is the hardest NFL district, I think of what district what I not want to compete in because it would be hard to win. The clear answer that comes to mind is South Kansas because of the major inconsistencies associated with the judges in their pool, at least in debate. This may have changed, but all the Derby kids on Wichita State's squad talk about debating SoKan style when they run into Louisville and their take it to the streets round (judged by a "lay" judge).
  7. JESUS CHRIST, George W. Bush sent a covert ops strike team to assassinate the (in)Fidel leader of Cuba. The assassination had to do with heart stopping poison placed in his cigar. JFK fails, but Bush succeeds! G-O-P! G-O-P! http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/165929.php
  9. Hmmm, I've always though timeframe perms were soooo much more abusive than severance perms. At least on severance they have the possibility of getting rid of some of their offense, timeframe perms lets you get all your offense while mooting all of theirs.
  10. Let's see how many posts we can have in a row that say something to the effect of: DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO WON THE NDT FINAL ROUND?!? 3 and counting.
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