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  1. SOJO


    oh lololololroflrofl tamu is so racist 11oneoneone conservativerepublicansarahpalinrofl.
  2. Way to kill the mood Shayan
  3. it's because yaoyao is in norway
  4. SOJO

    UIL vs. TFA

    Dude where are you going to school?
  5. SOJO


    Guarantee To Beat Houston Prep (GTBHP) in El Paso, Texas
  6. SOJO


    Lawl, the only place in Texas with enough people to make 5A possible is Houston, duh YAO YAOOO u so stupid!!
  7. SOJO

    TFA Results

    As they come
  8. SOJO

    who'll win state

    University of Common Greatness Bhadriraju/Chen/Jordan/Tian. Two of us will actually debate, while the others tag out and become the cheering section/crowd control. Actually, we'll be the panel for finals. Yes. A four person panel. Finals will end in a hung jury.
  9. SOJO

    who'll win state

  10. SOJO

    UIL vs. TFA

    Yao Yao didn't win UIL state . . . those were just . . . lost years . . . or days . . . or something . . .
  11. SOJO

    Maverick in TFA?

    Close, but no cigar. When is your tournament? I'm actually at TU now, and would love to judge some in the area. Do you know of any places to get plugged in?
  12. It's because Classic goes over better than Tribute to Dubious Mediocrity
  13. SOJO

    UIL vs. TFA

    Turn your aff into an audio/visual experience that will delight the senses.
  14. SOJO

    Maverick in TFA?

    It was Christine Tian, wasn't it.
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