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  1. I think in past years people have just posted their picks here. [EDIT: However, IIRC you can email an ordered list of picks to be chosen automatically from what is available to speed up the process.] It's usually interesting to see how many policy teams are picked in the first round. Despite judging much more this year than any other year after I graduated, I don't know much about the competitors except for policy and a bit about Congress after the SuperCongress. I'll be curious to see how this all plays out. Team Habler is up. Remember SME KT is not available but still on the list until Mr. Dubois checks back in to update.
  2. I meant to imply that there is no objective way to determine the best team in Kansas. I also intended to argue, but did not do so clearly, that this is not a bad thing and takes nothing away from DCI, State or the current bid system. I agree there doesn't seem to be any forward movement in this discussion. I probably should have stayed out of it; in fact, I would have but for my visceral need to defend the abstract notion that KU should be considered a better team than VCU last season.
  3. EDIT: accidental double post erased. Mods feel free to delete this as I couldn't figure out how to in the new Cross-x.
  4. I don't understand why you are so concerned with defending the notion that DCI, or the NCAA tournament for that matter, accurately tells you who the best team is. You seem to be confusing exciting for those involved and the fans with accurate in determining the best team. IMHO DCI is best conceived as an exciting tournament where some of the best teams from around the state (across class divisions) get the opportunity to debate against each other one final time for the year. It is fun. Sometimes the "best" team wins. Sometimes they don't. That doesn't seem to me to be the important part of the tournament; having a fun, friendly competition with fellow debaters does. I am very sympathetic with the position that other ways of determining a "best" team in Kansas may not be desirable (and may suffer from the problems that plague the BCS and/or NASCAR). However, that doesn't mean that the winner of DCI should be considered the best team in the state. ps. On a purely academic, argumentative note: grouping the NBA playoffs and the MLB playoffs with the NFL or NCAA basketball doesn't seem very sound. The former have 7 game series, which I think most would agree take a reasonable amount of variance out of the outcome.
  5. I think that thread is an excellent example of how NOT to have this sort of discussion. In fact, that was pretty much how it ended up being resolved. I'm actually a little surprised you would dig that up, though I'm sure you only did so for the purpose of providing an example of what this thread shouldn't turn into. It may be good for a few laughs, but to start emailing people and discussing the approval process with the director of the NDCA is probably a better use of younger debaters' time than reading through an old flame war. That question can be easily answered here. It's in PA, so it probably requires flying Friday and Tuesday, to miss three days of class. Driving would take at least two more days (this assessment coming from someone who went to college in PA). Of course, I'm no expert on tournament travel. Just my two cents.
  6. Anyone with a Star Wars related tie gets an automatic 30 points from me.
  7. Thanks, I got it. I'll see if I can round up anyone I still know who is around Hutch and get back to you again if I do.
  8. Kelly Thompson: I am pretty sure in my brief check back on cross-x that you are Hutchinson High School's current coach. If you check cross-x frequently, I was wondering if you could email me about judging in two weekends at your DCI bid tournament. I'm Jackson Swearer, a former Hutch debater who just graduated from college and moved back to Kansas (Salina, more precisely). Though I am a bit rusty, I would love to dust off some red and black pens and come judge. You can reach me by email at jacksonswearer [at] gmail.com Hutch debaters: You can email me about judging too. Everyone else: Could someone who has the Hutch coach's email address send it my way to speed up my attempts to get in touch? Any help would be much appreciated (especially if I am wrong about who is the current coach!!)!!
  9. I will be up near KC that weekend and will probably be free to judge if you still need people. I almost never check cross-x any more though, so can you just email me the details? jacksonswearer [at] gmail [dot] com Thanks.
  10. *emphasis mine This is the cause of the confusion I think... but traditionally teams have had only one or the other, but not both.
  11. They're from Kansas I believe.
  12. Just use the search function. Then pick one. There are many.
  13. Skywalker06


    Please not again.
  14. Also, isn't there a rule somewhere in the way bids are given out that says if two tournaments are on the same weekend and they both apply for a bid in two consecutive years, then they each get the bid tournament in alternating years? That is what I remember, but I'm not involved (obviously) so I'm not certain. This is a complete guess, but that might explain why some of the schools outside the 3rd District that had bid tournaments last year didn't apply this year if they thought the bids were likely to go to other schools that did not host bid tournaments last year. Or maybe not. Like I said, this is a complete guess.
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