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  1. Just to update for this year: Nick Ramsey nickramsey@uchicago.edu 417-299-4622 Chicago, IL I'll be a second-year at UChicago this year. I was a seminfinalist at NFL nationals in policy, and also qualified in extemp in high school. Last year, I judged at New Trier and the Glenbrooks in addition to coaching a UDL school.
  2. Ok, I've been a very good college first-year. I haven't posted at all. But this thread is particularly egregious. There is really only one appropriate set of answers to your Bearific Awards post. Best 1A- Forrest Brown Best 2A- Forrest Brown Best 1N- Forrest Brown Best 2N- Forrest Brown Best Team- Forrest Brown/Whoever Best LDer- Forrest Brown, whenever he condescends to such a format Best Negative Position- The ones Forrest cuts Worst Negative Postion- The ones Forrest doesn't cut Case of the Year- GTMHRs, because Forrest ran it. If he ran something else, then that would be the case of the year. Worst Case of the Year- All of them, except the ones Forrest ran. Ultimate Kritik- Doesn't matter. Counterplan of the Year- Doesn't matter. Best DA- Doesn't matter. Worst DA- Doesn't matter. Best Card- Alexander Worst Card- Doesn't matter. Fastest Debater- Forrest against Speed is like a Tank against a night-stick-wielding rent-a-cop Best Word Economy- Forrest Best Spreaders- Forrest and, well, Forrest Best Speakers- Forrest Most improved team- Improvement is for the weak. Team that will likely become great- ditto Best adapters- Forrest Most likely to run Irony- Doesn't matter. Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- Forrest Most likely to take off shirt- Doesn't matter. This is debate! Judge of the Year - Forrest. Panel of the year - The one's that take pity for the team that Forrest debates. But still votes for Forrest. Ballot of the year (text) - Forrest doesn't need to read ballots. Best Run Tourney- Doesn't matter. Worst Run Tourney- Doesn't matter. Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Doesn't matter. Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - Doesn't matter. Most interesting tourney moment - Has Forrest ever said anything uninteresting? Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Doesn't matter. Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- Doesn't matter. Person who has contributed the most to the program- Forrest. Now, you might think I'm biased. But I'm not. The above responses are as timeless and true as "the square root of 2 is irrational" and "Jamie Pawlikowski is larger than a breadbox." Can we all now agree that the issue has been settled?
  3. Ruben, I'm double majoring econ and philosophy. Shaiken, UChicago doesn't have policy. I would have debated at Berkeley, but my parents wouldn't let me go there. I'll be coaching a UDL school in Chicago, instead. You guys are silly.
  4. Nick Ramsey nickramsey@uchicago.edu 417-299-4622 Chicago, IL I'll be an incoming freshman at UChicago next year. I was a seminfinalist at NFL nationals in policy, and also qualified in extemp.
  5. UChicago for me. No debate.
  6. I like you Lauren, so I don't really want to get involved. But if you thought she already knew, then what is the harm in confirming? The you-knew-anyway argument is pretty lame. We never made a stink at tournaments when you didn't disclose to us (even when you weren't breaking new and we actually didn't know what your aff was), but it didn't exactly endear you to the debate community. Katie is right - you can't pick and choose only the elements of progressive debate that suit your personal interests. If we want to make debate better for the whole state, that involves changing the entire community. Disclosure is a good first step.
  7. While its really great for my battered ego to hear all these nice things, I don't necessarily agree with your argument, Jacob. I think its pretty much impossible to 'get good' at the kind of debate we value if you only participate in regular MO invitationals. I can't think of a single example of a team doing well that didn't go to camp, or atleast have involved and informed coaching staff. People can rightly complain a lot about Missouri debate. But within Missouri there are some really excellent resources for improvement. MSDI and UMKC are pretty good examples. The majority of the lab leaders there are willing to share their e-mail addresses and IMs with eager kids. Heather, Ozzy, and Louie could tell you about all of the obnoxious and dumb questions I have pelted them with in the past. The argument, at this point, seems to be asking whether Missouri can produce good debaters. But that isn't nearly specific enough. Missouri invitationals reward bad and unintelligent debating. Missouri camps and universities have some really great and helpful people that can do a lot for the state.
  8. I heard judges were bad at this tournament. Apparently some old Neosho kid made a real sketch decision for Liberty B in quarters.
  9. Friends, I'm state coordinator for the Missouri chapter of Students for Barack Obama. We're in need of more student volunteers. Everyone is welcome, but in particular, we could use more contributors from Kansas City and St. Louis. If anyone is interested, IM me, or e-mail me at ireallyhavenoclue123@gmail.com Thanks, Nick Ramsey
  10. I'm glad someone caught the reference
  11. Ok, its important that for congress we put the right people to nationals. In the Senate, I ask for the community's support for Forrest Brown. This kid is a sophomore and already much better than I was then. I mean, I don't think there's even another debater in the state with so much raw talent. He works really really hard, cuts a lot of cards, and is real cute and shit. He deserves to go. In the House, vote for Laura Ransin. Laura worked really hard to jump from LD to being Saw Rowland's partner. She had pretty large shoes to fill, after Will Pearson found important things to do (like LD). She saw massive improvement in policy, and generally did well in extemp and debate. She cares a lot about the program, and deserves a spot to nationals as well. Since so much of Congress is about rallying the votes, I'm putting all the political capital I can muster for these people. Feel free to post about the sweet people from your school too.
  12. I was accepted at American, UChicago, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Reed, Tufts, and Wake. As of now, I'm choosing between Berkeley and UChicago. I'm 80/20 for UChicago, and if I go there I'll be done with debate. If I go to Cal, I'll be doing policy. But of course, even if I did do policy in college, I couldn't hold a candle to MoState OW...
  13. I'm presently choosing between UChicago and Berkeley. 80/20 for UChicago.
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