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    I am one of those people who hark back to the days before debate and wonder what could have been.........................
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  1. On the pandemics topic, why does it have to be a foreign policy? (I already know that pandemics, by definition, are global) What I'm saying is that we coud easily just focus on it as a domestic programme. It's way too hard to coordinate with the WHO. And then you gotta deal with the "Cuba doesn't want to do plan, so plan no solvo" card that someone's gonna find. So the topic area is forced into helping in a specific country or region. Which is retarded, becuse everyone's gonna help out Africa - one of the other resolutions. The topic area is great, and not just limited to AIDS. The res is just worded to be nigh impossible.
  2. The secret to winning neg rounds easily is to run ASPEC or OSPEC, along with "real" args. Aff underestimates, you blow it up in the bloc into ONE GIANT arg.
  3. Honestly, my pick wasn't technically a soft drink My vote went to Bawl's.
  4. With elections, constitutionality would not be every round, at least And, I'd get to insult Bush EVERY SINGLE ROuND Sweet.
  5. I just fear debating constitutionality EVERY SINGLE ROUND with civlib Yeah, I've already come up with abbreviations for the topics.
  6. Somewhere, I think in Florida, during early voting, people were found ripping up voter registration cards. These people were found to be working fo ra Republican-sponsored group. Even if the mpax aren't all that big, just the idea is enuff
  7. Now that Kerry's conceded:S: , the ground for the free and fair elections plan (see above) seems strange. I really don't wanna figure out if the ground is better or worse. The election was rigged-rebubs ripping up ballots Also, I now have a reason to hate Nader. He was the reason Kerry didn't win. PLAN: The USFG should adopt a two party system, banning all third party candidates. or PLAN: ALL political ads should be banned
  8. Elections has ZERO ground for both sides Civil liberties seems at first like an LD topic. After really reading the two topics, I'm voting for civlib **still wanted space**
  9. email me- kilroywashere03@yahoo.com I bought the cd and got a few bonuses straight from chris stuff no one else has ***mystery***
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