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  1. Then don't post.


    I posted before my tournament.


    Also, those of you who would like a copy just IM me. I can give you a mess of unarranged cards. But I don't have a scanner and I composed it by hand. But if you want to write it yourself there is a good amount of stuff I can give you, since I'm done running it (like I said it won't work well after the elections).



  2. 1. The CP is gone. My next tourny is Harvard and it won't work post-election.

    2. The judges loved it and I'll take their opinion over yours.

    3. I have cards saying binding consultation is key. Don't just assume I don't have the evidence. The links to the net benefits only work with genuine consultation.


  3. And so it begins.


    Who's going?


    Saint John's is sending.









    Probably about 3 teams. Not sure about combinations yet. One thing is for sure. DAVID BOWMAN WILL BE THERE! BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!



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