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    Post the invite and Saint John's will try to come. When is it?
  2. DebataHata721


    Whose going? SJ Everyone I believe.
  3. What NE camps are there for policy?
  4. Your thoughts? (Net benefits are Relations, Venezuela, Imperialism) -Anthony
  5. DebataHata721


    Any one have a good T file with violations against different cases?
  6. I'd love some blocks on why advocacy shifts are good.
  7. I need it. I'll trade heavy for it. AIM: Basketballa721
  8. Willing to come to Shrewsbury, MA?
  9. Need it; will trade for it. AIM: Basketballa721
  10. Dear God Bowman stop trying to correct me! The Manchester tourny is only for novice. So the rest of us may go somewhere else.
  11. I posted before my tournament. Also, those of you who would like a copy just IM me. I can give you a mess of unarranged cards. But I don't have a scanner and I composed it by hand. But if you want to write it yourself there is a good amount of stuff I can give you, since I'm done running it (like I said it won't work well after the elections). -Anthony
  12. If you have them just IM them cuz I could use them ASAP. -Anthony
  13. Ugh. You're such an annoyance. We will send our novii to go varsity probably. I did a lot my novice year. Depends on how neel is feeling about it.
  14. It isn't internet evidence. It's evidence I've compiled from various other files. And I don't have a scanner. One of them the entire link is consultation restores credibility to the Iraqi Interim Gov. and the argument in the card is non-binding consultation will decrease cred.
  15. How can I make Imperialism (or Cultural Imperialism) a net benefit to a Consult CP (preferably Russia)??? -Anthony
  16. 1. The CP is gone. My next tourny is Harvard and it won't work post-election. 2. The judges loved it and I'll take their opinion over yours. 3. I have cards saying binding consultation is key. Don't just assume I don't have the evidence. The links to the net benefits only work with genuine consultation. -Anthony
  17. You'll be fine seeing as it's a one-day tournament taking place on the 26th not the 25th. And also it is broken down I believe so I don't even know if Neel wants you guys to go.
  18. Does anyone know if they are going yet? It's at Sacred Heart on February 26th (week after Harvard). Saint John's is probably sending about everyone. -Anthony
  19. I love Ian/Alex Anyways yeah but we are sending our novii to go varsity.
  20. I've watched "This Land" like 100x. Your cute piece of trivia means nothing. Also, "Good to be in D.C." was better than "Second Term"
  21. DebataHata721


    And so it begins. Who's going? Saint John's is sending. VARSITY Hyland/Sameer Lefemine/Vora Dyer/Mariano *potential* NOVICES Probably about 3 teams. Not sure about combinations yet. One thing is for sure. DAVID BOWMAN WILL BE THERE! BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID! -Anthony
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