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  1. DebataHata721


    Post the invite and Saint John's will try to come. When is it?
  2. DebataHata721


    Whose going? SJ Everyone I believe.
  3. What NE camps are there for policy?
  4. Your thoughts? (Net benefits are Relations, Venezuela, Imperialism) -Anthony
  5. DebataHata721


    Any one have a good T file with violations against different cases?
  6. I'd love some blocks on why advocacy shifts are good.
  7. I need it. I'll trade heavy for it. AIM: Basketballa721
  8. Willing to come to Shrewsbury, MA?
  9. Need it; will trade for it. AIM: Basketballa721
  10. Dear God Bowman stop trying to correct me! The Manchester tourny is only for novice. So the rest of us may go somewhere else.
  11. I posted before my tournament. Also, those of you who would like a copy just IM me. I can give you a mess of unarranged cards. But I don't have a scanner and I composed it by hand. But if you want to write it yourself there is a good amount of stuff I can give you, since I'm done running it (like I said it won't work well after the elections). -Anthony
  12. If you have them just IM them cuz I could use them ASAP. -Anthony
  13. Ugh. You're such an annoyance. We will send our novii to go varsity probably. I did a lot my novice year. Depends on how neel is feeling about it.
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