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  1. As always, I can expect you guys to keep my head cool by pointing out the obvious of what's already happening and then some pertinent info.
  2. I'm so tired of hearing that, the Sikhs absorbed Afghanistan into their empire and kept it till the British took India. So, if a nation/power plans a coherent strategy which doesn't include invading another larger neighboring nation, then the odds of victory should significantly improve.
  3. Yea sure, that's why Europe is trying so hard to diversify away from Russian natural gas and oil
  4. Damn, this and evolution, fucking Kansas!
  5. Could the bloated FDA bureaucracy be expected to handle this?
  6. This and Watchmen, do you read comic books? I never thought I'd find someone else on this site who does
  7. Don't worry, Christian Bale has stated he wouldn't star in the next movie if there were any sidekicks.
  8. I saw the first one when it came out and watched most of the episodes, this movie is obviously to make more money.
  9. Right on, I agree wholeheartedly. Much of the waste that's being spoken about is the case of desert cities, so disincentivating them should be something that needs to be done.
  10. Isn't this privatization idea by the Economist similar to the attempts by water companies to privatize water use in South America? From what I remember, that didn't go over very well.
  11. Oh gods, what the heck, Bush stated the same crap about having the budget balanced after the 2001 recession. Christ, we give so much crap to other countries on their budget deficits and overall debt, so how long before they come knocking on our doors?
  12. Holy sh#$! I did not see that, my mistake! I'd like to switch those around, the woman changing the lyrics pales in comparison to what the Swiss did.
  13. That's just a dick move by the Swiss, it pales in comparison to what this woman did. And what she did is really nothing to make such a big deal about.
  14. Guys and gals, am I being too optimistic to think the following: That some day in the future, the majority of humans will realize they really don't need those big screen tvs, SUVs, or even cars (public transportation), the newest high-tech toys, more and more expensive healthcare (because we'll get better at working out and eating healthier), more and more consumption to show off wealth, even bigger houses, and more and more. It seems to me that those are such simple solutions to what we call "complex" problems. I would blatantly curse right now, but this forum isn't the ideal for that.
  15. Sigh, at least if the world comes to Armageddon, I'll know who it was so I can lobby God to send them on a one-way ticket to hell.
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