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  1. The inevitable implication to unclear speaking is that the argument does not get flowed, or at best the judge does not completely understand the argument as the debater wanted it to be understood. Unclear speaking itself may warrant lower speaks, but again if you are not being understood then the biggest implication is that your argument is not being interpreted correctly by the judge, if it even being flowed at all.
  2. I've got a pretty solid flow, send me an email (fish114 at comcast.net) and I will send it to you. The 1NC was vagueness, transdip, china, solvency, and the 1AC framework. They went for framework, solvency, and china. I am surprised there no complaints (yet)!
  3. The Panel was Bob from Mech (now Delone), Jon Lang from Meyers, and three older people who I did not recognize. Jeff, what does DNP mean?
  4. La Salle d. Cathedral Prep on a 5-0. Great round!
  5. Just a couple quick comments about the location of NFL qualifiers. The reason it is at La Salle is because it is during the weekday, and no other public school will cancel school for two days in order to have a qualifier tournament. If you would rather host the tournament, and think you can get school canceled for two days to do it, I am pretty sure many many people would be more than willing to entertain that request, and while I do not speak for La Salle, they would probably be pretty happy with that as well. Hosting a tournament is a lot of work, just ask Jeff. Also, a sidenote, you are aware that Br. Rene was the lead moderator of forensics since like 1990 when he became the president? He left the school in 2005, took a sabatical (rumors indicate it was in the Amazon), and now he is at Delone. Finally, while I have never judged qualifiers, La Salle offers judges lounges and whatnot generously. La Salle offers up the school, and its services for two weekdays. Because this is not an invitational, I would not get too angry with a poorly stocked judges lounge. And heat, well, is that such a big deal?
  6. fish114

    PHSSL Quals

    Dude calm down. I highly doubt that Ankur has any predisposed notions about you (In fact, Ankur has perhaps one of the LEAST interventionist paradigms out there. If anything, we should be arguing about whether that is a good thing!) I would also encourage you to read the archives of this forum for the past five years or so, and understand the history behind this kind of discussion. It isn't the old boys club by any means. In fact, the people on this forum have outright rejected the old boys club that had existed. What school do you go to by the way?
  7. fish114

    PHSSL Quals

    Ankur, I understand what you are saying, but I am not so sure everyone else does, judging by the response.
  8. Policy Debate Qualifiers are on the 6th and 7th at La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor. I would imagine you ought to contact individual coaches about judging, I don't think the tournament hires judges.
  9. fish114

    PHSSL Quals

    you are right, I guess my comments were more directed at Ricky: and Ankur: Whether or not you intend, its pretty clear from the response that these guys don't appreciate you saying that they aren't up to snuff
  10. fish114

    PHSSL Quals

    Shawn – I am not so sure students are responsible for the terrible judging in central PA. I think the major problem with PA is that you have got students who are just as dedicated as Truman/PBury/La Salle/Cath Prep students, but they just don’t have the coaching to be competitive at the level everyone else is. So naturally, they suffer. But its not their fault. It’s the coaches who are okay with putting together a half-assed judging pool, and bringing it to tournaments where people like you and I are equal in that seem pool, that’s where the problem is. Its not with students who don’t know the rules, they really want to know the rules (look at how John really wanted to come to Pennsbury this year, it wasn’t his dedication that prevented them from coming, it was the coach). Of course you probably know this already. Rick – I have a lot of respect for you and all, you are a phenomenal debater, but is there a reason to degrade a high school student on a public forum? Wannabeacoch – you are right. But realize that people aren’t saying that it’s your fault you guys don’t do so well. Without getting too critical, it’s your coaches who have something “against” our style of debate, and are too involved with the teachers union to do anything more than what they are contractually obligated to do to help you guys succeed. Frank – take a chill pill man. This isn’t the end all be all, its high school debate. John – did you qualify to states this year?
  11. Actually Shawn, according to The Communicator, internet access is permitted in round:
  12. yea it was La Salle B v La Salle C and I was the only judge, not exactly an amazingly important round, but it was interesting nonetheless
  13. Ok I am sorry I did not explain this well enough. The 2nr goes for t and the k, drops the cp and answers the theory. I get absolutely no analysis of which one outweighs, the most I get is by the neg extending the "drop the argument, don't drop the team," which gets answered by the aff with in-round abuse (they run statism and a consult EU cp). I buy it, and it becomes in independent voter. But they completely butcher t from the getgo, they don't meet the neg def and dont even meet their own counterinterp (as you can tell not exactly the best round ever). Thus, the neg wins t through and through. I never get any analysis on which theory to prefer, just that they are both voting issues, but one is never preferred more than the other, other than the drop the argument not the team which is successfully answered.
  14. Neg wins t, Affs wins conditional cps bad with an independent voter. Who wins the round?
  15. La Salle closes out varsity, Pennsbury in 3rd (both 4-1, La Salle RS breaks on speaks, and La Salle MM 5-0 in prelims) Unionville over Pennsbury in Novice Final on a 3-0
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