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  1. DCD is losing alot of their senior talent making it difficult to "dominate" with such a young team. It will take a couple of years to be in a position to "dominate" again
  2. I doubt the first two instate tourneys are MIFA run (DCD and EK??)
  3. she is a looker? I think you are retarded...she is ugly as hell. She looks like a man
  4. groves will be sending Jon Warsh/Paul Best. That's it unfortunately
  5. the nature of fellow's acceptance is why so many of its alumni go to the TOC not nessecarily the institute itself. Im not saying that the institute is bad, simply that their selective admissions process only draws from the top 1% of debaters. In other words, in order to attend UK fellows you already have to be TOC bound (if not already attended the TOC) so UK advertising as to the fact that they send the most teams to the TOC is closer to saying "You cant come to this camp" than it is "we'll improve you so you can qualify for the TOC"
  6. Glen said they will hopefully decide all the slots w/in the next week
  7. due to the large number of questions I am recieving about very similar problems, I will compile a FAQ and some helpful pointers to put on the website for everyone with this timer, that is once I have time (AP's, ACT, SAT, etc)
  8. yeah, that picture is not as good as it was in the movie the TV show he was in was "Flash Forward"
  9. they have one bid @ Ohio Valley, not two
  10. well I dont know who is a "self-proclaimed" intelligent debater, but Im not directing anything at you, only the definition you proposed. I am not trying to argue the morality of the definition, Im only saying, very simply and obviously, that there is no semantic justification of that definition. It doesn't say, semantically, what you hypothetically said it does.
  11. for real chill anyway, how is this justified by what I said?
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