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  1. Just wondering if anyone's got access to the internet right now that's at LSW and how things are looking? I know we probably have an hour or two before breaks, but it'd be great if someone could post what's going down with breaks.
  2. So with the weather being as it is, does anyone know if Lincoln Northstar is still going on as planned?
  3. I'll be at Lincoln High.....and Superbad does not suck zack....
  4. Well, I'm no longer debating but I want to put this out there. There is plenty of evidence, numbers and statistics, talking about civil disobedience working and failing. I truly don't see this being a purely moral issue, you can bring evidence in to it if you work at it.
  5. I will probably post both of my term papers, one being the Abuse of Presidential Power in both Lincoln and Bush's terms and a case study of the upcoming gitmo bay case before the supreme court.
  6. Name: Curtis Hanzlik School Debate At: Norfolk Senior High School Year Graduated: 2006 Current Ties To Debate: Attempt to help novice, judge more next semester Current Status: (Still in school, graduated, have a job, etc.) College, working on my bachelors in political science with a minor in broadcasting. Really enjoying being on the weekly radio show here on campus which is causing me to get more interested in broadcasting. Other big info: Basically....I live a boring life.
  7. Really, it's nothing personal. I just would like to see the Sutton/Stamm ticket.
  8. Sorry Zack, but I am now endorsing the Sutton/Stamm ticket.
  9. Ok, I know both the debaters. I know that they both know T better than anyone I know. Firecorps is topical. I don't care if they were a qualer from SD, having em come to Nebraska and try to qual.
  10. It's not a show of ability of our teams....it's a lack of qualified judges in your circuit.
  11. It's pointing out the fact that compared to NE judges...SoDak judges seem to be over lower quality and therefore more easier persuaded by shitty arguments than NE judges. I wasn't there this year, but it was the same way last year.
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