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  1. Neosho A Def. Webb City A on a 2-1
  2. CX: Carthage (Johns/Boydston) Neosho (Kellogg/Cumming) PFD: Joplin (Blood/Mourning) Neosho (Bentz/McMahon) Carthage (Lachley/Easson) LD: Neosho (Paige Oxendine) Neosho (Justin Letts) Neosho (Laila Khan)
  3. State Quals for Debate CX: Neosho A Neosho B Carthage A LD: Neosho A Neosho B Monett A Webb City A Puff: Neosho A Neosho B Joplin A Cassville A
  4. CX: 1. Carthage A (?) 2. Fayetteville A (?) LD: 1. Mary Easly- Neosho 2. Kendal Micklethwaite- Joplin 3. Scott Hillier- Neveda PF: 1. Monett A (?) 2. Carthage A (?) 3. Webb City A (?) HI: Neosho (?) Neohso (?) Republic (?) DI: Monett (?) Carthage (?) Republic (?) OO: Neosho (Bethany ?) Monett (Christina Atkinson) USX: Neosho (?) Neosho (Tony Rosequist) FX: Neosho (Jared Vandzandt) MOnett (Omar) DUO: Neosho (?) Cassville (Seth Magoon and Josh Gauss) Sorry couldnt remember all the names
  5. Erin Conway from parkview 8-4 runoff round Dan Dorsey from Pattonville 10-2 Adam Waldowski from Hillcrest on an 11-1 Nikki Kerr from William Chrisman on an 8-4 runoff round all advanced in L-D
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