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  1. D'Loaf


    but turning ptix does not make an AFF XT, that would just be what would happen post plan, bush would look good/bad, whatev, if ur arg was tru then the AFF could never turn any relations DA's, economy DA's, or anyother DA b/c that would be claiming and ADV that is not part of the topic b/c it would cause the US to look good, or make X country mad, or help the econ, not solve civ libs. what about running a NB to a perm the CP alone could not solve, does that make the AFF XT or just another reason to prove the CP a bad idea..... besides, if u go for T dont run anything else with in the 2nr, 5 min of T or no T..choose.....
  2. D'Loaf


    i am not following you ankur.... topicality is just a question of whether the AFF is topical or not, if it aint T then the neg should win....ptix is a DA that is based on the plan passing. Why cant the neg say that if they are not topical then vote them down b/c it is a procedural that comes first and if you dont buy that they are topical then thier plan is a bad idea b/c it causes the ptix DA...... care to explain why that aint true...... btw, i think that you should only go for T in the 2nr if you so choose....it should be 5 min of T or no T......
  3. get a flow template for Excel, that is so much easier....
  4. D'Loaf

    Perm answers

    this wouldnt nescasarilly be severance, the perm here is that they should do the plan and the cp but dont do ex parte with the aff but with every other instance......we atleast that is what i understood it to be reading that post at the top, if that is not what he meant it to sound like then ignore the rest of this post...... this would be intrisic -- they are adding on an advocacy not in the cp text or the original plan text. this is bad b/c there is no stable DA ground or CP ground for the negative b/c if the aff can just add on some separate thing at random then the neg is just playing the guessing game throughout the block and the 2nr.
  5. D'Loaf

    1ar blocks

    sure extend the 2ac whatever, then here give a brief short 3-5 word description of what it was then give multiple reason why this arg. is a good one like this extend the 2ac 1, non unique -- bush agena has support 1) GOP are behind him 2) the democrats will never oppose him 3) it post dates whatever else.....
  6. D'Loaf

    1ar blocks

    the 1ar CANNOT be a responsive speech because it is impossible to respond to every argument made in the block. your 1ar should only answer huge 2nc arguments. more than likley your 2ac arguments answer them all. you just cant just take a flow up there and do a good consistant 1ar. you need warrant blox to all your 2ac arguments so you can just extend teh 2ac arg. and set it up for the 2ar. the 1ar is never a round winning speech. so dont treat it that way. It just serves to keep the aff in the round and catch up. if you dont have 1ar blocks then you are walking blind.
  7. i know i posted twice but i juse re-read the question and...uuuhhh....this ISNT a MIDDLE EASTERN war....it is a war in Iraq....and terrorism.....you made it seem as if this were a war against the entire middle east..
  8. it seems to me your just asking for democrats to jump all over you..... but i support the troops but have my doubts about the actual war....
  9. i got the n64 when it came out, like the actual day it came out, and i played for 16 hrs strait, no breaks, nothing....then i slept for like 10 hrs...it was great...
  10. your analytical arguement probably wont win you the round anyways...i cant think of a round winning arg. that is analytical, except on theoretical issues of coarse....so dont spend your time on trying to make it seem credible....it wont give you any milage..
  11. hell yeah.....and i was afraid this was going to turn into another dispo v. condo fight....but i can see yall have shown restraint....
  12. D'Loaf

    Vioxx ^2

    i think if it there is solid proof that they knowingly have produced a product that causes heart attack then they should all die, but if these are just blown out of proportion attacks then it is bullshit......
  13. i think there is this thing called...uuhhh...fiat??....i think that prevents the aff from being overturned...not sure......
  14. uuuhhh...lets see here, when there is a thing that pops up and says YOU ARE A WINNER CLICK HERE TO COLLECT YOUR PRIZE!!, do YOU click on it. I hope not, cause it is 99.9% likely to be a SCAM and i thought advertisments were supposed to be illegal to begin with....
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