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  1. I too have big questions about big questions debate.
  2. In interest of full disclosure, I'll be a lab leader at both DDC and DDI this year. DDC is a good supplement to DDI, especially given the low price. For K debaters, I think DDC is better than a lot of camps at getting you acclimated to reading at a high level and packaging dense concepts into debate-useful material. Unlike most camps, we have seminars where students are asked to complete several readings in the span of a week or two and Steven or I lead a lecture/guided discussion to walk you through it and identify important takeaways. Last year, we did a few seminar readings on Afropessimism, Deleuze, Schmitt, Agamben, Benjamin, amongst others. We're also good about bringing in successful guest lecturers to talk to everyone about different literature bases-- for example, we had Jesse Robbins from OU talk extensively about settler colonialism arguments in debate. Finally, the lab leaders have a flexible schedule that'll allow them to watch you give practice speeches and provide real time feedback to improve. Historically, the camp boasts several successful high school and college K debaters who've completed the institute. If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM Steven or me. Hopefully, see you at both!
  3. If you're going to be at Dartmouth or Digital Debate Camp, come say hi! I am somewhat friendly at times.
  4. Hi friends, My name is Shree Awsare and I am a former hs and college policy debater and current coach living in DC. I am looking to help out a high school team next year that has students who are aspiring to make the transition from ok/good to great. I've been an assistant coach at James Madison University for the last 5 years and previously worked with Thomas Jefferson High School and Broad Run High School, where I helped regionally competitive programs make their debut on the national circuit as an argument coach. High school teams I've helped coached have qualified multiple times to the TOC, received awards at the Michigan Round Robin, Harvard, Lexington, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Bronx, Scranton, NCFL Nationals, etc, and closed out their state champs and various regional tournaments. I'm also working as a lab leader at the DDI this year so I'll have topic familiarity RE: the China topic. Payment negotiable/flexible, and location is also flexible. I have a decent amount of experience coaching students over mediums like google hangout and directing evidence assignments and redoes over the internet, and then doing the remaining coaching on-site at tournaments. Email me if you're interested. shree [dot] awsare <at> gmail. Thanks! SA
  5. Permutations on T are actually pretty common (and strategic) when the 2AC's counter-interpretation is a non-sequitor. In the example you gave, surveillance as done by humans and surveillance as acquisition of non-public information isn't mutually exclusive and a combination of both interpretations would a stronger limit on the topic. Unless the affirmative has a reason why the 1NC interpretation is bad (ie, a DA to the permutation), then they are in a rough spot. Obviously, if the interpretation is "surveillance doesn't include non-humans" and the 2AC says "surveillance does include humans" then the permutation argument makes no sense.
  6. No video-- d reg (who is the director of the prison debate initiative) said he's not releasing footage till 2018 since there is a chance it could turn into a movie i think.
  7. I hate to burst your bubble, but this card is by a JV debater from George Mason.
  8. It's on debatevision.com, split into a bunch of separate videos.
  9. I would just email the directors of the camp. For missou, you can contact Eric Morris (his email is at http://debate.missouristate.edu/camp.htm). As for KU, Lindsey probs has the contact email for the person making hires.
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