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    Miami Palmetto HH def. Stratford KC
  2. Which is why the Aff would read evidence that indicates that this frees up trained fire-fighters to do the real fire-fighting. Which is why the case solves. It seems somewhat absurd to suggest a local civilian without extensive training is going to be setting prescribed burns.
  3. why is that evidence so damning?
  4. The heg DA - there is good evidence out there that talks about how this would be disasterous. In particular there is a card that suggests allowing women in combat would do more damage to the military than pearl harbor. Just take on the Patriarchy debate and argue heg good, realism good and such.
  5. I am considering cutting some files to sell on cross-x. What would people be interested in? I was considering a Bush Doctrine disad to armed forces affs. Any interest? Alec Wright
  6. This is correct and I believe Cata should have been 10th speaker. One of thier ballots was inputed incorrectly so it screwed up the seedings as well as their doubles round. Congrats to all for a good weekend Alec
  7. Ha this is the funniest shit ever. Calm down your crazy kids
  8. Tharoor from the UN writes some really good soft power cards
  9. And in traditional Eli fashion
  10. Ya Eli's post wasn't the tenor of my statement. I just thought what Adi said was funny. No mean intentions.
  11. Ha wow I wish I would have known that a couple of years ago. I feel like I wasted so much time with camps and card cutting. -Alec
  12. The two latest posts provide pretty good explanations of the argument. A more simplified way of thinking about it is that when you focus on one subset of discrimination ie race, class, sex, as the locus of oppression it ignores the role that the other avenues of discrimination play in overall subordination of certain people. For example, as the posters above me have indicated, saying that a black woman who is poor and also homosexual is oppressed due to her race is ignorant. All of these factors contribute to her subordination in society and when you say racism is the cause of this it masks other forms of discrimination and allows them to continue. ie if all racism were "abolished" would be on the same footing as a rich white heterosexual man. The answer is obviously no. An author named Crenshaw, I believe her first name is Rachel, writes some great articles about how all these forms of discrimination are mutually reinforcing and that it is impossible to overcome racism or sexism or classim without also addressing the others. This is a great argument Feminism, Racism, or Classism/Capitalism arguments because it short-circuits the solvency for their advantages while also allowing you to access a disad to their rhetoric or representation of the plan/alternative. The alternative to these types of arguments is an analysis of the "intersections" of oppression and highlighting the dual nature of oppression. When I ran an argument like this, which was only once, my partner and I wore kilts and read cards about how men wearing kilts highlighted "crossing over" of oppression and showed that contemporary gender binaries are false. I know the Portage Northern/Central(not sure which one) guys a couple years back would debate in dresses. There are a lot of routes you can take but its a good argument that is straight forward and can give K teams some trouble. Alec
  13. I don't know. I didn't see a single draw at the TOC that included Hooch, GBN, New Trier, Woodward. I personally thought MBA was harder, regardless both are very difficult tournament. O and I think calling MBA competitive is quite the understatement. Alec
  14. So is the author truely angry that teams like South (and 95% of competitive teams) cut cards and work? Maybe I am missing the boat here but seems overwhelmingly absurd
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