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  1. I actually liked ocean policy, but I hear mental health got to be somewhat of a bor eafter a while.
  2. talk a bout a crappy topic, international topics are so much better than domestic ones bc they offer more interesting area of discussion.
  3. yeah, hella distracting.
  4. hmmm...look around every now and then
  5. no, thats actually fairly helpful. thanks.
  6. does anybody know what the exact United States stance on the sudanese refugees/conflict is currently?
  7. golfbum71


    if you're any good, why worry about letting the other team get out files that theyre going to get out eventually anyway? i mean, unless the other team brings in like a bunch of coaches that start writing out blocks, printing off cards and lots of advice thats going to screw you, why be such a square?
  8. yeah but then you're not actually resting your body and thats plain useless.
  9. For those who don’t live. Cliché, but true. It’s basically impossible to wake up early to do something if you’ve slept only a few hours a night in the past few days, why try? Just deprive yourself in a more feasible way that night. I mean, you’re already awakeish so just skip the whole risk. That’s my stance. They actually did, and it’s possible too, but inconvenient if your schedule doesn’t permit it. They slept for 20 minute intervals every four hours. It forces your body to skip the pre-REM cycles which take up the most time and jump right into deep sleep. Once your body adjusts to the schedule, it leaves you rested and refreshed throughout the day. Yeah, seriously. No tourney is that bad, you’re doing something wrong.
  10. what's your favorite m&m color? mine's brown; i think because it reminds me of real chocolate, bright yellow doesn't exactly scream chocolate i guess.
  11. I'm pretty tired of Christmas music. Same songs, different versions. Anybody else think it gets old? Not to emtnion they start playing it even before thanksgiving, that really annoys me.
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