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  1. jfeist6

    Northern Quals

    I'd like some of the money as well.
  2. jfeist6

    Mundt Curse

    So who thinks the Mundt curse will be transferred to Harrisburg? Has the Mundt curse gone away with the tournament or has it simply taken a new form?
  3. jfeist6

    Bell 09

    I'll be at Bell. This will be my last tournament for most of the season, as I'll be away in Pierre interning next semester with the State Legislature.
  4. jfeist6


    I think that running politics just opens up debate to more arguments. I agree that the scenarios are often ridiculous, but if a team can debate it well enough to convince me, I don't see a problem in voting for them. I respect your opinion, though. Now I'm wondering who else hates politics.
  5. jfeist6

    Aberdeen G.E.C

    I know. I'm open to people complaining about me, as I'm sure plenty of debaters would. I'm always up for a good discussion about my decisions. I'm not always right.
  6. jfeist6


    I actually think that the tournament program would allow for low point wins, because many states outside of South Dakota actually allow for low point wins. I don't know if this is completely accurate, but I've heard that most anywhere else a low point win is acceptable. As you well know, there are a lot of traditional coaches in South Dakota. I think we would benefit from changing some of the "unwritten rules." For example, disclosure after rounds is much more educational than having to wait for a ballot at the end of a tournament. Sure, it's going to take time, but the judge can substitute ballot-writing time for his oral critiques and disclosure. Of course, low point wins are another thing. If good speakers lose, I often do find myself inflating the other team's points so that I can accommodate the good speakers. I'd rather inflate a score for a person who is unworthy than deflate the score of a person who earned more. What do you think about plan text disclosure before rounds? I think it allows for better debate when the negative team can go into the round with a strategy. That's someone else that I've heard is common outside of SD.
  7. jfeist6


    I was joking about blaming Dahle. I only said that because Dahle gives me a hard time for liking ptx disads, so I figured I could give him a hard time for not catching the judge's mistake. But yes, you are right, it was the judge's mistake and not that big of a deal.
  8. jfeist6


    I just wanted to note than Sioux Falls Roosevelt Jiao and Hawkins actually defeated Brookings KT in round 4, but a tab room error (I'm blaming Mr. Dahle) caused Brookings to break to the final round instead of SFR JH. Congrats to all, though.
  9. jfeist6

    Aberdeen G.E.C

    I wish more people posted on here. What happened to the good old days? Anyone want to complain about judges this weekend? I do.
  10. jfeist6

    Northern Quals

    Congrats everyone!
  11. how does nebraska debate compare to iowa? is it more intelligent?
  12. heelan had some teams at okoboji last weekend.
  13. I would like to tell you that you are right in many ways. If a judge likes inherency, what is wrong with running it? I would say that Aberdeen does a great job of adapting to their judges. A clear example of this was last year where Aberdeen hit Watertown in a final round. 3 of the most conservative judges were judging that round, and when Watertown went with speed (no disrespect to H20town of course), Aberdeen ran the speed kritik in order to appeal to the judges and say that speed is not fair. This was brilliant. You knew your judges didn't like speed, and you adapted. That is what debate is about. To suggest that Aberdeen has a specific style of debate that they never deviate from is just simply false. I judged 3 JV rounds last weekend and Aberdeen was in every one of them. Each team had its own strategy and style.
  14. Considering they didn't win any of the debate events I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. And even if they did, why would that matter? Judges are the ones making the decisions for win/loss and speaker points, not the tab room.
  15. jfeist6


    tpeters says it all very well. To be clear about the societal welfare as a value, I don't think that's a bad value at all. It's amazing at how people keep accusing me of saying things I've not said. tpeters lists Rousseau and Mill that strive for societal welfare. I would also say that Aristotle's idea of "the good life" and Locke's idea of social welfare are also applicable to LD debate. There are plenty of philosophers who would advocate that, and I never said that was wrong. tpeters covers the rest very well.
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