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  1. bigmike


    "on a much larger note, i swear, so much of the shit that I did in high school is fucking like legend or something. it's like coaches set around telling their kids, 'this one time REDACTED...did this or that.' " Actually, REDACTED...I think the legend is how ridiculously stupid our team was...and just how damn funny it was too...and it was...it was very funny.
  2. bigmike


    Yeah, I was there...I was timekeeping... From my standpoint, that was the funniest debate round Ever. Ever. I'm sure from REDACTED and Dustin's, it sucked ass...but hey, still funny to me. lol
  3. We're definetly thinkin about coming back this upcoming year. -Mike Hardin OPHS
  4. This is a pretty obvious question (it's in my subject line). Does anyone know what schools will be at the Savannah Tournament this weekend? I know Oak Park is going (that's my team), but that's about it. -Mike
  5. Oak Park will be there as far as I know. -Mike
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