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    Varsity Blues

    I have been a varsity debater for my high school for 2 years. Last Year, I did exceptionally well in Rankings, winning almost all of my rounds and beating the "camp" teams. However, this year I have encountered some very interesting judges. At least, interesting to me. A few have told me that Solvency Evidence is not needed, and simply restating advantages is enough to solve. A few others have un-linked my DA by saying that the military is not a domestic program(AIDS Pledge, Aff Taking away money from Domestic Tax Pool, AIDS pledge coming out of that pool, millions of people in africa die. Link: Don't Ask Don't Tell Repealment uses Military money.Plan says No Funding.) Other judges say that without enforcement, they can still solve. Without funds, they can still solve NO MATTER THE CASE. Fiat works on everything, including Stock issues. Etc, ETc ETC. I don't get it, everythign I have ever learned in my life about debate is refuted by a ton of novice judges(parents who sat through one round and told how to vote) moved up to a varsity round, who are crackpots IMHO. Who is right? Can Fiat work for stuff besides Leg Intent? Does Leg. Intent apply to changing the 1949 Geneva Convention? Even though the plan admittedly costs some money, no money needed because it is Fiated? What is the debate round coming to? I have only one 2 debates this whole year, (I ran maverick a couple of times) and do not understand how negative can win to these seemingly new rules. Please Help Jay
  2. I don't just mean the substantially topicality, I meant top in general (or do you think this is a total waste of time)? I just would love to get some ideas about where to take my debate further.
  3. I need some good T files. I had an ok one last year on PKOs from the Irish Defense Force(which did PKO missions) that said PKOs needed military, and it worked really well in the crappy and ignorant league that I debate in( I am quite ignorant too, especialy in debate). So I go looking around the forums and I have no idea how to find good contextual defs (I learned early on that not a lot of judges vote for Dictionary Top Defs). However, I cannot seem to find any good contextuals (I have one USFG from the Whitehouse, and one Probable Cause from some Law book), but no others. I searched for about an hour on google for that subs-without mat. quals and couldn't find anything. I know a lot of debaters here are quite intelligent, which probably seperates my def finding/arg creation from the definitely superior ones discussed on this forum, but where do I start? I do not know where to even look. Please Help TAR
  4. Northern Michigan Any help?
  5. Last Year I began Varsity Policy Debating, and I won most of my rounds by topicality and a generic AIDS in Africa DA that has a sweet impact, but now that I think about it can easily be repelled. Late in the year I also made a Feminism K based on the stuff i read on this forum, and then made an independent AIDS CP that ran with my AIDS in Africa. My one major topicallity was from the Irish Defense Forces, who did PKOs, and they said that PKOS had to ahve all this stuff, like military, good plan of action, etc. That worked everytime, cause I usually had the best def. I also had about 100 pages of case specific evid for like 4 plans, which i used, and destroyed affs args really easily. I now realize that my league is just sucky competition, and my partner and I suck too, we can just abuse like a redneck with Jim Bean. So... What I am asking is, how do I get into these seemingly invincible groups that go to camp, read K politics books, etc. and somewhat understand/use what they know so that I can compete in states. Cause it seems like the way im going, im screwed. Where do I start? What are the best top ideas? I search around a little, but all I find are like abbreviations and small shells of arguments, like "run the xo cp" I know what a cp is, but xo? That is just one small example. How do I get into the lingo, write good tops, write even better das so i dont have to use cheap @$$ generic ones that are so sickly twisted and contorted to my position that I can't believe someone hasn't accused me of making it up. I also picked up a couple standards that I use now that I think are pretty cool, so if you could critique those, give me some ideas to get started, maybe a couple shells of good das/evid, and explain to me some Foucalt ideas(and any other crazy Ks, if they are worth using) and any general tips. ill post the standarsd for my ts later Ty if you help
  6. THank you everyone. You have helped me so much, and in my last debate, I won both of my rounds, plus beat the best team in my league(which isnt very good, but still). Thank you so much, everythign is making more sense now.
  7. When you say a da and a cp, i dont get it. I though when u ran a cp u dont run das or tops, and u just say that ur plan is better?
  8. That helps a lot! Now, for a few more things. 1. Where should I get my defs? I have heard awesome neg tops from some guy in the UN for PKO, but where else? 2. What should I run against these cases? Demining Civ. Police Unarmed Volunteers MOre women in the UN THANK YOU SO MUCH
  9. That was very helpful thank you. Now, what should I do about tops? I always lose on every single top, how should i argue it better? ANy Tips?
  10. Where should i get my informatioin though? Also, what would be some good link evidence for the economy da>? Also, can you explain the AIDS thing you said again, and get those sites for me? For the pol. capitol da, do u use cited evidence, or do u just use their case? I always lose on tops, especially pkos as a whole definition, could u give some tips or somethign to winning tops? Do you suggest making a counterplan or some ks?
  11. Whats a polix? The spending DA shouldn't be too hard, something like Spending too much already, aff team takes money away from the us(how should I get a good link and ev. so i dont get turned), Worldwide destructioin/nukes/etc. Is that correct? Where can i learn to run a good cp? In tops, they keep running Peacekeeping and ops together directly from UN, how do i fight that? Whenever I run more than one top, like on feminism case, they always ask me to name 5 cases that apply. How can i challenge or fix this?
  12. OK, so i keep getting killed. This is my first year on the debate team, and I am keep getting destroyed. Out of 4 rounds this year, i have won once against a UN Feminism(send women into the UN). I have lost to : Civ Police, Feminism(Some variations), and demining. I have no idea what I should be running/writing. These are the arguments I have: Tops: Support, Peacekeeping, Ops, Substantially, establish, and increasing. DAs: Aids in Africa DA That keeps getting link turned. Ill show it to you here: Aids in Africa DA A. Uniqueness: The current budget for preventing AIDS in Africa is very small. “Bush pledged $15 billion dollars towards fighint AIDS in Africa, but that is still a very small amount of money compared to what is needed to completely eliminate AIDS in Africa.” “The legislation was signed into law by President Bush. The next step is for congress to fund the program through the appropriations process. This year the budget is tight, and is unlikely that it will be fully funded.” About.com “Aids funding in Africa” http://uspolitics.about.com/library/weekly/aa061703_AIDSa.htm?terms=aids+in+africa Website available upon request. B. Link: The Affirmative team's plan costs money, and the AIDS pledge is coming out of other domestic programs, funded by tax dollars. “... Congresswoman Barbara Lee expressed concern about the provenance of the $15 billion, worried that it would be taken from domestic programs, such as children's health. "We cannot rob Peter to pay Paul," she said, questioning where $15 billion could come from, especially considering the epic tax cuts the President has proposed.” http://www.africana.com/articles/daily/bw20030225aids.asp The ABC's of Bush's Africa AIDS Policy, By Hisham Aidi, First published: February 25, 2003 C. Brink: The need for money in the affirmative team's case will decrease the amount of funding for the prevention of AIDS in Africa. The U.S. already has a debt of 7.4 trillion dollars and counting. “The sharp reversal in the budget situation under the Bush administration, from record surpluses to near record deficits, has received a great deal of attention from the media and the general public. However, two other forms of debt - household debt and foreign debt - have also been rising at an unsustainable pace. The trends in these other forms of debt have gone largely unnoticed, even though the implications for the long-term health of the economy are at least as serious as a continued sharp rise in government debt.” Dean Baker, September 7, 2004, Dangerous Trends: The Growth of Debt in the U.S. Economy , Center for Economic and Policy Research http://www.cepr.net/publications/debt_trends.htm Website Available Upon Request D. Impact: Millions of people in Africa will die. “It is estimated that, 29.4 million people are currently living with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. That is two-thirds of HIV/AIDS cases reported globally. At the individual level, the arithmetic of risk is horrific.In Zimbabwe and Botswana, one in four adults carries the virus. A child born in Zambia or Zimbabwe today is more likely than not to die of AIDS.” The AIDS Epidemic in Africa, Aids and Africa, Updated September 16, 2004 http://www.aidsandafrica.com/index.htm Website Available upon Request As you can see, I have very little DA structure, strategy, or experience. I have basically no evidence, cause my teams evidence box was destroyed and scattered in a car roll over(true story). Please, I need help. I have no idea where to go. My partner and I run the DA every round, run tops, and try to formulate logical arguments. We have failed. What are some DA's? I have talked to other debaters and heard of overstrech , end of democracy, nationalism, and an economy DA. Can you please help me with shells, some help with da structure, where i can find my evid and good search tips, what evid. i should have to back up my args on the most used cases(or possibly where I can and should look for it, cause I just search google and it seems very stupid of me), and maybe ANY ideas I could use. So, in review I need help with: DAs(structure and ideas) Evidence Tops that are important Anything else lol THANK YOU SO MUCH, everyone who read and hopefully will post is so nice. TARSIER
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