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  1. WGLF, I've been here for a while and every post I see of yours is in all caps. Out of sheer curiosity . . . why?
  2. Oh yeah . . . . I remember that.
  3. Did we ever figure out who Agambensmyhero was?
  4. Wow, way to bump an immensely old topic.
  5. From the file I read, it basically had a lot of links to the idea of 'productive labor', which says that paid work/volunteering is considered the norm for senior citizens--that they have to do this to be valuable, and this idea is bad because it sets in a white male stereotype and disadvantages women and minorities. Also, ageism that results from society's idea of productive labor leads to a lot of really serious impacts.
  6. Anyone else have it? (I also e-mailed the first poster)
  7. Does anyone have these electronically? They'd be of great help.
  8. This is true--our school has little to no money to give us for tourneys a lot of the time and we aren't exactly the richest of the rich ourselves.
  9. She has a point. However I'm Nathan's partner and would have nothing to gain from him disclosing; I neither endorse nor criticize it.
  10. It does really depend on plan text. There are profiling cases out there that deal with profiling on the federal level. That, and ERPA is designed to ban profiling on a federal as well as state level.
  11. This sounds like a really good idea. Most of the timers I use are convenient enough, but not specifically designed for use in a debate round.
  12. I generally spend more and more time on debate further into the season.
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