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  1. OK, I've debated before, and I love debate, but right now I'm scared as hell. See, I have a week till my first tournament and my partner decided to be a jerk. He wants me to switch to first speaker. I'll admit it, I'm scared, I've ALWAYS been second. I guess what actually scares me is the first Negative and the first Affirmative rebuttle. So if anyone has ANY advice please get back to me, I have a week to totally change my style.
  2. I'll give you the basic, but its on my other computor H- Lots of Ref. Not being protected I- US will not Cooperate with UN Peacekeepers not allowed to use force to protect P- GIve PKs use of force to protect Offer mp and $ Adv- ? Its a comparative ADV plan
  3. Never heard of it, Could you expand a little?
  4. K I'm thinking something relating to human rights and violations, but any general econ or stabilization would work although I am in Indiana, so there is a lot that I probably should avoid, although If I like the sound I'll probably try it anyway.
  5. Ok, I'm doimg this refugee Affirmative, and I've been staring at it for hours, but I'm drawing blanks an some more advantages (its a comparative Advantage case, so I need a lot.) Please post if you have any ideas, or if you have any generic Advs, I'd love to hear em.
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