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  1. Steve-O

    2016 UIL State

  2. East Texas: Crosby CJ Katy Taylor KR Katy Taylor AL
  3. 4A: Bay City BG Byron Nelson GH Calhoun HL Crosby GL Crosby JC Ennis AB Hays AK Hendrickson BS Hendrickson TW Highland Park SW (Not that SW) LBJ HS Montgomery KM Royse City SS Wakeland FH Whitehouse BR Whitehouse BP 4A: Speakers 1. Ben Betik- Ennis AB 2. Josh Jennings- Crosby JC 3. Josh Coleman- Crosby JC 4. Andrew Barron- Hendrickson BS 5. Peter Wood- Hendrickson TW 5A: Speaker 1. Faraz Hemani- Dulles HT 2. Humza Tariq- Dulles HT 3. ??- Plano West GL 4. Noah Barshop- Churchill BaLa 5. ??? Don't know 5A breaks.
  4. 1. Faraz Hemani (Dulles HT) 2. Zofia Yellin (Westwood CY) 3. Lyall Stuart (Greenhill SU) 4. Max Birnbaum (Churchill LB) 5. Azhar Unwala (Greenhill SU) 6. Humza Tariq (Dulles HT) 7. Kenneth Klamert (Hays AK) 8. Lisa His (LBJ SH) 9. Jay Jain (Caddo Magnet JC) 10. Josh Coleman (Crosby BC) 11. Sam Gustavson (CE Byrd GN) 12. Sneha Chebrolu (Greenhill CP) 13. Yesha Shah (LBJ SH) 14. Avi Kejriwal (Greenhill KN) 15. Adam Lipton (Churchill LB) 16. Robert Wyde (Highland Park HS) 17. Jacob Loehr (Westwood LL) 18. Michael McCue (Pine Crest MF) 19. Olivia Panchal (Heritage Hall HP) 20. Charles Lai (Houston Memorial LC) 21. Alex Fields (Pine Crest MF) 22. Margaret Solice (Hendrickson BS) 23. Rohan Reddy (Westwood PR) 24. Shaayaan Sayed (Dulles SS) 25. Benjamin Packer (Greenhill PS)
  5. The Crosby team is JC (Jennings and Coleman) and they will be attending.
  6. NL: East: Phillies Central: Reds West: Giants WC: Rockies AL: East: Red Sox (Despite the God awful start) Central: Tigers West: Rangers WC: Yankees NLDS: Phillies over Rockies Reds over Giants NLCS: Phillies over Reds ALDS: Rangers over Yankees Redsox over Tigers ALCS: Rangers over Red Sox WS: Rangers over Phillies (in 7)
  7. Steve-O

    2011 UIL State

    Lesly Gutierrez (Sophomore) and Ashley Lance (Freshman) — Crosby HS Jacob Gonzales (Sophomore) and Meagan Sanchez (Senior) — Crosby HS
  8. Steve-O

    2011 UIL State

    Finals Mercedes v LBJ Dulles squared
  9. Steve-O

    2011 UIL State

    4A: Mercedes v. Crosby LBJ v. HP 5A: Dulles HA v. Westlake Dulles TR v. Berkner
  10. Steve-O

    2011 UIL State

    4a octos: LBJ WY v. Hallsville BD Bay City BG v. Crosby GL Brenham BJ v. Hallsville GH Crosby GS v. Hays NK Ennis DR v. Lamar Consolidated CH Hendrickson BW v. Medina Valley AM Highland Park CM v. Burleson DH Mercedes MV v. Montgomery FP
  11. Steve-O

    TFA State 2011

    Shahid Ahmed Eric Alt Paul Bloss Cole Bodell Morgan Booksh Ian Campbell Hannah Chupp Kevin Clarke Cameron Clophus Anna Comazzo Andrew Cornish Daniel Daniel Mackenzi Dunham Tyler Gregston David Jagneaux Andrew Lewis Megham Overheim Taylor Wilhite The objection was that first years are technically not supposed to judge, but some just dropped on their own from what I understand.
  12. Steve-O

    TFA State 2011

    They only dropped ten judges who withdrew or were inelligible. If you already did prefs you do not have to redo them unless you want to. They will honor the old prefs even if your distribution ios off because of the dropped judges. There were no new judges that I saw when I redid the prefs.
  13. Steve-O

    TFA State 2011

    Pref Sheets are open now.
  14. East Texas: Dulles HK Dulles C? Alt: Crosby CJ
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