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  1. Is there a site that Kansas/Missouri teams use for case list information? I have checked the NDCA list and have not been able to find a lot of the schools listed for this tournament. Thanks, Logan
  2. Congratulations to Little Anda and his partner at Harvard and Sarah (?) and partner for clearing as well, lets shoot to get two teams qualified for the TOC next year. (Note: I meant to do this earlier but forgot after I found out until my father told me that their was an article in paper a couple of days ago.) Go tigers. Also congrats to Foley for getting a first round bid to the NDT--not a bad time to be a fan of Little Rock Central High
  3. Good luck trying to change Arkansas debate. I don't want to go into the difficulty in achieving that goal; however, it would be much easier were tournaments to pay judges to incentivize good debaters coming back to judge. Also I seem to recall (and I don't know that this is true anymore), a lot of former debaters would come back and judge their first year out and be so turned off from judging only novice rounds that their participation would decrease as the year went on and then not come back the next year.
  4. Holy Shit! It's Logan Parke!

  5. in a blast from the past... I just thought it was funny to see kids from southside complaining about judges not flowing. That is all I suppose things have changed.
  6. So it looks like I am going to be stuck in the Nashville area for the weekend on MBA waiting on a book to come in, if anyone still needs to hire a judge, I am available. Logan Parke
  7. Does anyone have an old HIV exclusion backfile or cites?
  8. yea, when did she get good at debate, and way to go hillary ledwell, proof that not everyone from arkansas sucks as much as I.
  9. Packing the effects and aspec...hardcore.
  10. contact me at logan.parke595@wku.edu
  11. I didnt even realize that there were any policy teams in kentucky, I know some people that would be more than welcome to help coach/cut cards/and fill out judging obligations for you.
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